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Message for my Son's Birthday

by Tracey

My son turns 8 years old tomorrow. He's been through a frightening time...he just spent 2 weeks in the hospital but he's a fighter. He has had a great recovery. He's intelligent, a smart boy who loves cars and gaming.

Hi Tracey,

What a boy!!!!! He deserves more than the run-of-a-mill 8th birthday message. The "cute" route is not the way to go here. Your son should receive a birthday wish that pays respect to his recent experience and inspires him to move on from it with courage and conviction. My advice is to focus more on the "son" element of the birthday wish and less on the "8 year old" component.

That said, you may want to choose from these son birthday wish examples:

Long ago, I received a special gift. A gift filled with love, joy and happiness. A gift that makes me proud. That gift is everything to me. That gift is you. Happy 8th birthday!


You give us endless happiness and pride, just by coming into our lives. With each birthday of yours, that happiness and pride only grows. We are so proud of you. Happy birthday, son!


You represent every unforgettable memory from the past, every precious moment from the present and every promise from a wonderful future. Happy birthday to a beloved son!


Happy birthday to our biggest source of pride and joy. Happy birthday, my boy!

If you want to add to any of these messages or look for others to use, click your way to my Son Birthday Wishes section.

Hope this helps,

Message Guy

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