Expert Speaker
A Beginner's Guide To A Public Speaking Celebrity

What to expect...

Chapter 1:
Preparation Research And Content

Chapter 2:
Write An Appealing Speech

Chapter 3:
Overcoming The Fear Of Public Speaking

Chapter 4:
Screw Perfection, Just Speak

Chapter 5:
Repetition Is The Mother Of Skills

Chapter 6:
Serve Others Through Speaking

Chapter 7:
Rehearse Your Speech In Your Head

Chapter 8:
Effective Methods To Organize Your Speech

Chapter 9:
Attract Attention With Body Language

Chapter 10:
Handling Questions Successfully

Here's a sample...

Putting it on paper

The following are some elements to consider when trying to write, an appealing speech that will ensure the complete attention and participation of the listening audience:

  • Making observations as to the types of contents used and how it is put together, will give the individual an idea of what would appeal to the audience. Matter such as the flow, the timing and the humor injected in to speech is something definitely worth observing and learning.
  • Deciding on a theme based on the research done about the audience and their interest, the individual can then come up with interesting and "meaty" content material. The match between the audience and the material to be presented must be accurate, as any mismatch would eventually result in the entire speech being a disaster.

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