Cute Birthday Toasts

Cute birthday toasts have the power to give the birthday gals and guys in your life that wonderful "aww, shucks, that's so cute" moment during their celebration, making their big day even bigger. 

Find the cutest words here. Take a close look at the examples of cute birthday toasts on this page.

By Kevin Nishmas
 Updated: January 2, 2024

Cute Toast Collection

Some friendships are as good as gold. Most tarnish with age. Only a few can be considered priceless. You're priceless. Happy birthday to a true friend.

Here's to your birthday. May it be sweeter than all the gummy bears, jelly beans, candy hearts and lollipops in the world.

May you find a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow — and may it be filled with all the love, luck, laughter, light and lollipops you can and always. Happy birthday!

Cute Birthday Toasts - Cute Birthday Messages for Toasts

Here's to the sweetest of the sweetest sweethearts. You're so sweet that I just want to blow my diet and eat you up every time I see you. Happy birthday, sweetie.

As you go through life, always remember what Oscar Wilde once said: "Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess." Happy birthday!

In the great words of Lord Byron, "Man, being reasonable, must get drunk. The best of life is but intoxication." Now let’s get totally unreasonable and drink up. Happy birthday!

Cute Birthday Toasts - Cute Birthday Messages for Toasts

Happy birthday! May your special day give you greater joys than all the cuddly toys and blankies in the universe.

May you wish upon a star and may your wish come true, shining so brightly it lights up your world for eternity. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! May your big day be a rainbow of family, friends and fond memories, with more birthday cake, ice cream and gifts that you could ever want right at the end of it (as your very own pot of gold).

Cute Birthday Toasts - Birthday Messages

May you have a cool head and a warm heart — today on your birthday and all your tomorrows.

Today and every day, it's always been you and me against the big bad world. Nobody can tear us apart. We're like one big Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. And just as delicious, I might add. Happy birthday, my oldest and dearest friend.

I've always heard that when you get over the hill, you start to pick up speed. I guess you're clocking around 90 miles per hour about now. Happy birthday, you old geezer!

Cute Birthday Toasts - Birthday Messages

You're my favorite treat, no contest. I like you more than chocolate cake, even with chocolate icing. That makes you even more delicious than chocolate icing! No matter how you slice it, that makes you pretty sweet. Here's to the sweetest treat in my life. Happy birthday!

It’s your birthday and you shouldn't feel guilty about celebrating. Even the bible says, “Eat thy bread with joy, and drink thy wine with a merry heart.” Ecclesiastes 9:10. So drink up!

Yes, you've just hit a new high age-wise. Yes, it's a great time in your life. What more could you wish for? Maybe 10 to 15 years off your age? Happy birthday! Here's the wishful thinking.

Cute Birthday Toasts - Cute Birthday Messages for Toasts

Let’s party. It’s your birthday, after all! Remember the old Irish adage: "Drink until the sun comes up. Drink until the sun goes down. If you drink on both occasions, you will never wear a frown."

Time marches on! Now tell us the truth — where did you find the fountain of youth and why are you keeping it all to yourself? Happy birthday!

We all know that life can be difficult but your birthday will be anything but hard. That's because your birthday wish is about to come true — yes, I plan to give you the biggest hug and kiss ever! Happy birthday! Now come and get your hug and kiss!...Who's next?

Cute Birthday Toasts - Cute Birthday Messages for Toasts

You're not over the hill. You're not even at the top of the hill. For you, it’s all uphill. Now that doesn't make things any easier — you still have an uphill battle. At least, you're not the fool on the hill. Happy birthday.

On your special day, I wish you success. As the Irish say, "May your bank account always be bigger than your troubles."

For your birthday, I hope someone got you sunglasses. You’ll need them — I've seen your birthday cake, and it has enough candles on it to light up a city. Kidding aside, may your birthday candles burn brighter for many years.

Cute Birthday Toasts - Cute Birthday Messages for Toasts

I'm here to remind you to enjoy how young you actually are while you can. This may very well be the last time in your life when you can still remember how to work your universal remote and program your PVR. Happy birthday!

With this birthday, you have joined a special club — with members who can only expect to look at least 50 on a good day. Happy birthday! You've never looked better...and never will look better than today!

Wow, you've reached a special age. Now you can dress any way you like...and no one will care. Happy birthday! You've just accomplished what most magicians live for — the ability to be invisible.

Cute Birthday Toasts - Cute Birthday Messages for Toasts

I'm here to tell you that you should not worry about your youth slipping away at your age — because there's no way you'll ever be able to catch all your grandchildren anyway! Happy birthday!

As you get older, remember what I've said today: when you actually get over the hill, don't be sad! It's time to celebrate. It may be all downhill from there but that's when your life really starts to pick up speed. Happy birthday!

Now that you're middle aged, I hope you'll be able to stay awake long enough to hear my entire toast. Okay, I see that you're nodding off, so I'll say a quick "happy birthday" and raise my glass in your honor.

Cute Birthday Toasts - Birthday Messages

May it always be the other guy who says, "This drink's on me." Now let’s drink to your birthday, since you’re paying for this shindig!

To me, you are a person who has matured, somebody who no longer shouts, "go for it."  Rather, you are a person who now calmly says, "have it delivered." May you live long enough to have it spoon-fed. 

To fine traditions like giving the birthday boy or girl the bumps. Now let’s start yours. Happy birthday!

Cute Birthday Toasts - Cute Birthday Messages for Toasts

Tonight is all about celebrating, so forget about your diet. Birthdays, I believe are nature's way of telling you to eat more cake and drink up. With that in mind, I raise my glass to your health and waistline! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! At your age, it's okay to have fun at your birthday party. But be careful! Don't look like you're having too much fun...because your kids are at an age when they might decide to move back home.

Happy  birthday! 

Hints & Tips

How do you write cute birthday toasts?

Everybody can agree on one thing: kittens and puppies are cute. So are cute birthday toasts. Yes, with just the right blend of sweet words, birthday toasts can be cute, too.

The key words here are "with just the right blend." But what's the "right" level? One person's “aww, so cute” is another person's "I think I'm going to be sick."

All you need to do before you write any cute birthday toasts is determine how much cuteness is to your taste (since you need to feel comfortable with the cute birthday message you're sending) and how much is just right for the birthday girl or boy.

My advice for choosing anything that's cute in nature? Trust your inner cuteness barometer. It never lies.

If you still feel cute birthday toasts are the way to go, choose a few from this page that strike a balance between "cute" and "sweet." Don't choose a toast that oozes sugary-sweet cuteness.

Basically, cute birthday toasts have the perfect balance of cute, adorable words. And just like a photo of a puppy or kitten, these toasts say "hug me." A hug is exactly the kind of response you want from your audience, particularly the birthday gal or guy.

For an illustration of cute, super cute and OMG cute, check out my tips on my Cute Birthday Wishes & Quotes page.

The best route? Aim for a slightly cute toast that truly expresses how you feel about the birthday boy or girl — with a metaphorical sprinkle of sugar and a dab of honey.

Now was that last explanation cute or too cute? You decide. You're the one who has to stand up and deliver this toast.

What's the right way to deliver cute birthday toasts

When you deliver cute birthday toasts, there are a few simple rules to follow. For some very helpful hints on delivering toasts the right way, read this article. It's worth your time.

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