Cool Birthday Toasts

Cool birthday toasts have a timeless "coolness" factor that give the birthday boy or girl and the audience themselves an extra lift on the big day.

Find the coolest words here. For ideas, check out the examples of cool birthday toasts on this page.

By Kevin Nishmas
Updated: January 1, 2024

Cool Toast Collection

May your journey through life be clear sailing from now on and may every port you reach be paradise. Happy birthday!

May the tide of fortune always bring you into the harbor of contentment. Happy birthday!

May the sunshine of your youth always break through the storm clouds of your adult years...on your special day and every day!

Cool Birthday Toasts for the Coolest Birthday Celebration Ever

With age comes the wisdom to know that years from now you won't regret what you chose to do with your life — it's what you didn't choose to do. On that note, may you always have the wind at your back, the sun on your face and a steady stream of adventures before you.

Here are some words of wisdom to live by: If you're not an optimist at a young age, your withered heart truly needs a shot of passion. Of course, if you're still an optimist by middle age, your withered head needs a shot of common sense. Happy birthday to a cynically wonderful person!

If you're upset about the number of candles on your cake, keep this thought in mind: it's far better to light many candles than to damn the dark. Now make your wish, blow out your candles and have a great birthday!

Cool Birthday Toasts - Birthday Messages for Toasting

If getting older is getting you down, consider the alternative: being six feet down. In other words, have a very happy birthday! Cheers!

On your birthday, I offer you this advice: Live each day of your life as if tomorrow will never come — because one day you will be dead right. In the meantime, have a wonderful birthday!

As you travel the highways and byways of life, steered by your dream, keep your eyes on the horizon, not the potholes. Happy birthday!

Cool Birthday Toasts - Cool Messages for Birthday Toasts

May you keep a little of the fuel of youth to warm your body, steer your heart and drive your dreams in old age. Happy birthday!

May you live as long as you want and may you get everything you want as long as you live. Here’s to your birthday and a long life!

Happy birthday. May you always remember to gauge your age by how you live your life, not how many years you've lived.

Cool Birthday Toasts - Cool Messages for Birthday Toasts

Happy birthday! May you live a long, long life. Our world has all too few angels and heaven all too many.

If I have one wish for you on this special day, it would be this: May the greatest moments of your bygone days be the worst of your days yet to come. Happy birthday!

The Irish have a toast that sums up my birthday wish for you: May fortune forever smile upon you, but never fortune's daughter, Miss Fortune — in other words, may you have the life of Riley! Happy birthday!

Cool Birthday Toasts - Cool Messages for Birthday Toasts

The next time you become too serious about getting older, remember that life is much too short and way too important to take seriously. Happy birthday!

May trouble shadow you the rest of your days, but never cast a shadow over you. Have a wonderful birthday!

Here's to your destiny. May yours allow you to live a wonderful life of your own making. Happy birthday!

Cool Birthday Toasts - Cool Messages for Birthday Toasts

You're an angel. Even though you don't wear any wings, you wear a heart so strong on your sleeve it could melt the hearts of everybody you know. And you wear a smile that just makes the world want to smile back at you. Happy birthday!

You make angels of us all. We love you because heaven on earth is a choice you always make every day. Here's to the precious angel in our midst. Happy birthday!

You have the power to make the weak strong, make the blind see and make the sad happy — and you use it so willingly without hesitation. May you be a beacon of strength, vision and joy for many birthdays to come. Here's to you.

Cool Birthday Toasts for the Coolest Birthday Celebration Ever

Today is the beginning of another year-long journey around the sun for you. Enjoy every day of the trip, especially the first one...your birthday!

Here’s to you and yours and mine and ours. And if mine and ours ever come across you and yours, I hope you and yours will do as much for mine and ours, as mine and ours have done for you and yours! All this to say, happy birthday!

May your life, from innocence to experience, youth to old age and expectation to accomplishment, be full of glorious extremes. Happy birthday! May you live long and extremely.

Cool Birthday Toasts: Birthday Messages for Cool Toasts

Here's a tip from an old and wise sage: you do honor to your opportunity and reflect credit to your years. Happy birthday.

A toast to your health. You make age jealous, time furious and all of us envious. Live long and beautiful. Happy birthday!

The mission of life: live, love, learn and leave a legacy. May you leave a life filled with love that we can all learn from. Happy birthday! You are a true inspiration!

Cool Birthday Toasts - Cool Messages for Birthday Toasts

May you live to be a hundred—and take up skydiving. Happy birthday!

Here's to your health. May the days of your birth never be measured by the span of your girth! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! May the clouds in your life be only a backdrop for a lovely sunset. Here’s to every silver lining coming your way!

Cool Birthday Toasts - Cool Messages for Birthday Toasts

May your hours of reminiscence be filled with moments of peace, days of good cheer, weeks of bliss and years of joyous memories. Happy birthday!

To your health! If all birthdays treated us half as kindly as yours, we would all celebrate them, too. May you live long in such youthful happiness. Happy birthday!

Let birthdays come and let birthdays go — but may your joy and wonder continue on forever. Happy birthday!

Hints & Tips

How do you write cool birthday toasts?

Although "cool" is hard to define, it's easy to spot, making it easier for you to see the ingredients for the best cool birthday toasts. What type of "cool" birthday message is right for you? 

For starters, cool is not the only rule when it comes to cool birthday toasts.

You need to spice up your cool birthday toasts with a touch of sentimentality to let your loved ones know how much you care about them. Of course, you don't have to go overboard with your heartwarming message.

But let's stick to the "cool" factor, since it's harder to capture in writing.

What's "cool" for you is usually "cool" for everyone else. In other words, if you think cool birthday toasts are cool, chances are your audience will think so too.

And I'm not talking about the artificial "cool" manufactured by an ad agency. That type of cool is not for everyone. 

I'm talking about real versions of "cool," like Marlon Brando, Ernest Hemingway and The Beatles. Timeless cool. Any toast with this type of "cool" is the right one for you. 

But “cool” is not to everyone’s taste. Some prefer a simple tribute over a “hip” one. Others crave an edgy tone to their birthday toasts. So only choose the “cool” route when you’re sure it’s the way to go.

To elaborate on what I stated above, you should not be too cool. It may come off as, well, cold.

Just choose one of the cool birthday toasts here as a starting point to express how you feel about the birthday boy or girl — with a message that has a hint of inspiration and sentimentality. Now that's cool!

How do you deliver cool birthday toasts?

If you need a few helpful hints when it comes to delivering cool birthday toasts, check out How to deliver the perfect toast on now. It's worth the read!

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