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Sentimental Birthday Poems

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Choose one of our sentimental birthday poems, the best birthday messages to send when you think simple birthday verses are not enough. A huge collection of free, writer-approved poems awaits you.

Sentimental Birthday Poem Tips...

Sentimental birthday poems are usually a safe bet. On the plus side, they can fully express your feelings for the birthday boy or girl, making him or her feel special and, most importantly, loved. On the negative side, “sentimental” birthday verses may not be to everyone’s taste. They can even make some people uncomfortable.

Choose this route if the recipient likes heartfelt messages.  If not, stick with a “happy” poem, even a funny one.

You make us so very happy.
We just have to make a fuss.
We are just so fortunate that you belong to us.
Happy birthday, Son.

There are plenty of sons the world through.
But I have got to say that we love and respect you.
Happy birthday, Son.
Hope you have a great day!

When they said I have a son, how was I to know that this little boy would set my heart aglow.
There’s just this way about him — it’s hard to define.
But there’s something great about this boy, and I’m so lucky that he’s mine.
I will always cherish him, no matter where he goes.
Happy birthday, Son, I just wanted you to know.

When you were small, you had all kinds of toys.
Now you’re not a little boy and your toys are not so small.
But you still enjoy having fun, so you haven’t changed at all.
Always remember to keep a part of him with you at all times, because that little boy is a favorite one of mine.
Happy birthday!

On the day that you were arrived, the sun began to shine.
The stars twinkled up above for this beautiful daughter of mine.
You’re just so adorable. We cherish you every day.
Hope your birthday’s filled with fun in every possible way.

Having a son is spectacular.
Having a son is grand.
Having a son makes your day brighter, even when your son becomes a man.
Happy birthday, Son!

When we walk along the shore and think of days gone by, we think of this beautiful little girl, the apple of our eye.
We think of all the wonderful times and the joy she’s brought to us.
Happy birthday, sweetie, we love you very much!

Happy birthday, Little Girl.
You are such a delight. Fun, giggles and laughs.
That precious kiss goodnight.
We look forward every day to watching you grow and play.
You lighten up our lives in every possible way.
Happy birthday, Darling!

I can still see you asleep in your crib.
I can still see you wearing that little bib, even though you’re older and out in the world.
I’m so glad I have my special little girl.
Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, sweetie. Congratulations, too.
You always do so very well in everything you choose.
We wish you every happiness.
And may all your dreams come true.
We’re so very, very blessed to have a wonderful girl like you!

I always wanted to protect my precious little girl.
I didn’t want her out alone in this great big world.
But you’ve grown and have moved away, and I can see your doing fine.
I’ll always be there if you need me, little precious daughter of mine.
Have a happy birthday.
May all your dreams come true!

Little girls are such fun, and then they start to grow.
They can be the greatest gift that you’ll ever know.
So, on your birthday, Daughter, we sincerely wish for you that your dreams, whatever they are, will all come true!

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