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Hi, I’m Kevin Nishmas (aka "Message Guy" on this site), the creator by night of BirthdayMessages.net since 2012 and a content strategist, content writer, copywriter, editor and translator by day since 1988.

I used to write birthday messages for family and friends only

As a writer, I get asked by family and friends to critique their writing all the time. It could be anything — a speech, a poem, an essay, even a CV. Mostly, though, my loved ones ask me to help them write their birthday messages. Yes, their birthday messages.

I can see why people would ask me to come up with birthday wishes, quotes, poems or toasts — it’s not always easy to find the right words to say, especially when it’s the last minute before a party and you only have a few seconds to write a bestseller.

I had been asked so many times to draft birthday messages that it finally dawned on me to dedicate a whole site to them. Anyway, that's exactly what I did with SBI and, over 6,000 birthday wishes, quotes, poems, memes, speeches and toasts later, thousands upon thousands of people visit this site to find the perfect way to say "happy birthday" to their loved ones.

Now I just refer everyone to this site

Now when my family and friends need a birthday message, they only have to visit BirthdayMessages.net, home to the web's largest, writer-approved collection of free birthday wishes, birthday quotes, birthday poems and birthday toasts.

And what about me? Well, I also use this site whenever I must fill out a birthday card or eCard. And I always find something just right (if I do say so myself).

My passion for quotes inspired me to create this site

As a professional writer and avid reader, I love everything about quotes — from their choice of words to their clever turns of phrase. More than anything else, I love their hidden (and not-so-hidden) messages.

Quotes say so much with so little words — quite ideal for my short attention span and a great way to express my thoughts to others with short attention spans. Why even bother expressing myself? All writers, even the most introspective, are closet extroverts who want to bless the world with their wisdom, even if they don't have any wisdom to share.  

For years, I've been sending out my favorite funny, cool and inspirational quotes of the week to my clients in my weekly email (called The Write Stuff), whether they like it or not, just to share my view of the world and the human condition. Most respond in kind, sharing their favorite quotations. It's become a real exchange of ideas. I just love it.

I launched BirthdayMessages.net in 2012

Over time, I wanted to broaden the whole idea behind The Write Stuff and reach out to more people. The Internet, as I soon found out, is a great platform for sharing your passions with the world.

And because I've written content for web sites and marketing material for many international companies since 1988, I thought it would be fun to write a web site for myself. It hasn't been fun—it's been amazing.

Why so incredible? I quickly discovered, not to my surprise, that birthday wishes, like quotes, have messages that can actually move people — no easy feat nowadays.

In fact, since the launch of BirthdayMessages.net, so many people have written to thank me for the birthday wishes, quotes, poems, toasts and speeches on the site. That really makes me happy. I never expected that response. But I was hoping for it.

Birthday wishes matter

Ever since I can remember, birthdays have held a special place in my heart. They're not just about getting older—they're about celebrating the unique story of each person.

In our busy lives, we often forget to pause and celebrate these moments. I believe sending birthday wishes is more than just a tradition. It's all about connection.

In a world where we're often glued to our screens, a personal birthday message can create a real, human connection. It's a small gesture that says, "Hey, I'm thinking of you."

Birthday wishes also provide a dose of happiness. Ever noticed how a simple "Happy Birthday" can make someone's day? It's like a little packet of joy, showing them they're cherished and remembered.

Remember, everyone's birthday is their own special spotlight. Sending a birthday wish is a way of saying, "Your journey matters, and hey, you're doing great!" Whether it's a family member, a friend or someone you've just met, a birthday wish is a tiny bridge that strengthens the bond between you.

Birthdays are rich in tradition and cultural significance. When we send our birthday wishes, we're keeping these beautiful traditions vibrant and meaningful. 

Keep sending a slice of happiness to the people who matter to you. A giggle, a smile or maybe even a tear of joy—I believe every message we send out brings a bit more light into the world.

One of my most cherished birthday memories takes me back to my 10th birthday. The day had been pretty low-key, and I remember feeling a bit down because a few friends couldn't make it to my party.

Then, in the evening, my mailbox had a surprise—a card from my grandmother, who lived miles away and couldn't visit often. Inside, she had written a message that I still hold close to my heart. She said, "Each year, you grow not just in age but in spirit and kindness. You are a shining light in our family, and though I'm far, my love and thoughts are always with you, especially today."

That simple, heartfelt message turned my entire day around. It wasn't just about the words—it was knowing that she had taken the time to make me feel loved and special from afar. It was then I truly understood the power of birthday messages.

Thank you for joining me on this journey of spreading joy

Through BirthdayMessages.net, I aim to make it easier for you to convey your heartfelt wishes to the people you care about.

Whether it's a simple message that brings a smile or a profound note that touches the heart, I believe every birthday wish has the power to make someone's big day just a little bit brighter. Well, that's enough about me.

In the spirit of sharing, I'd love to hear from you too. What's your most memorable birthday message? How did it make you feel? Let's keep the conversation going and spread even more joy, one birthday at a time.

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Message Guy
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BirthdayMessages.net - Kevin Nishmas (Message Guy, the creator of this site)

Kevin, the "Message Guy" who writes the birthday wishes, quotes, poems, toasts and speeches on BirthdayMessages.net, has been a content writer since 1993. In 2012, Kevin created this site to share the incredible power of words with birthday well-wishers everywhere.

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