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Video birthday message

Happy, happy, happy birthday to my best friend!

You're my very best friend for life, forever.
Everything we do, we do together...from sunrise to sunset. 
And everywhere in between!
May we always be friends. 
Happy, happy, happy birthday to my best friend.
You make everything in life better.

Video birthday message

Happy, happy, happy birthday to my son! 

I wish you saw what I can see. I see a heart so full of love. I see eyes so hopeful and wise. And I know what you're made of. I wish you saw what I can see. I see promise a mile long. I see unvisited, distant strength. And I know in you travels a song. I wish you saw what I can see. I see it's not yet real for you. But I see what I see as your fate. And I know one day you'll see it too. 
Happy birthday, my son. 
I know who you are...and you're amazing!

Video birthday message

Happy, happy, happy birthday to my darling daughter!
Here's a beautiful poem just for you...
You live for the chase, Keen to run all day long. Free from the thought of rest. You know you can do no wrong. You savor each step of the way. Bending to each twist and turn. Your head's deep in the game. You can feel your spirit burn. Even close to the finish line. Still fierce enough to win the race. Your heart's set on running. You live for the chase.

Happy birthday, sweet angel! Hope you loved your poem! Keep chasing your bliss!

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Happy birthday wishes
for moms

  • Happy birthday to someone who made it possible for me to turn all my dreams into reality (you, Mom). May your birthday be full of joy.
  • Mom, you deserve lots of hugs and kisses on your birthday, and I'm here to deliver them all day. Happy birthday, Mom.

Happy birthday wishes
for dads

  • The best fathers know when to let their children be themselves, from making their own decisions to learning from their own mistakes. Happy birthday to the best dad (and best man) I know!
  • I know I never say it enough, but I admire you and, most of all, I love you. Happy birthday, Dad. Thanks for being you.

Happy birthday wishes
for daughters

  • Happy birthday to my precious daughter! You're wonderful in every respect, and I hope you see yourself the same way. May your special day be blessed with everything that's special to you.
  • You possess everything that's perfect about this world. I admire your strength and beauty. I'm so incredibly proud of you. Happy birthday, my darling daughter.

Happy birthday wishes
for sons

  • Happy birthday, son! May you forever look forward to a brighter future with a gleam in your eyes and love in your heart. 
  • Happy birthday, son! Wishing you never-ending joy, wonder and peace on your birthday and forever after.

Happy birthday wishes
for sisters

  • Happy birthday to a sister who brings so much happiness and warmth into my life (yep, that's you, sis). May your special day bring you all the joy and love you could handle...and then some. You deserve every wonderful moment.
  • Happy birthday, sis! Friends may enter and exit my life at will, but we're family, so that's forever. I'm so glad that you're my forever sister, someone who redefines what family really means.

Happy birthday wishes
for brothers

  • Having you as my brother makes me the world's luckiest person. You’ve always had my back, no matter what. A better brother cannot possibly exist, I'm certain. Happy birthday, bro. You're the best.
  • Your birthday celebration should be epic. I will make sure it is. You deserve all the very best life has to offer on your special day and every day afterward. Happy birthday, my darling brother.

Funny birthday wishes
for everyone

  • Happy birthday! I wouldn't say you're getting old. Well, I wouldn't say it out loud.
  • Happy birthday! I wouldn't say you're getting older. You're just getting old.

Inspirational birthday wishes for everyone

  • Happy birthday! At your age, you have so much to experience, and what an experience it will be. 
  • Happy birthday! I know you will have the greatest of special days, a great year and an even greater lifetime.

Happy birthday wishes
for friends

  • Happy birthday to my best friend. One of your hugs can shake off my blues and just one taste of your positive outlook can dry up my tears. You are joy personified. May you only know such joy, and may I be the cause of it.
  • You may be one year older, but age does not define you. Your love, warmth and caring are what make the "you" in you. It also makes you my BFF. Happy birthday to my truest and best friend. 

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Here's what to write in a birthday card:

  • Happy birthday! May you have a special day filled with joy and a year filled with bliss. 
  • Happy birthday! Wishing you a smile for every precious second of your special day.
  • Happy birthday. Have a truly wonderful time on your special day. 
  • Hoping your special day grants every birthday wish you have in mind. Happy birthday.
  • May you receive everything that your wonderful, big heart desires!
  • Wishing you a special day full of all that brings you joy! Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday! On your special day and all year-round, enjoy whatever you want most from life. 
  • May what you wished for arrive exactly the way you expected. Happy birthday!
  • Sending your way a special day full of joy, laughter and, most of all, love. Happy birthday!
  • Wishing you a day so special that you remember it always. Happy birthday.
  • Good health and happiness all your days...and double on your special day. Happy birthday!
  • May the joy you bring everyone you know be returned to you in spades. Happy birthday!
  • On your special day, I wish you the finest things that life can offer you, starting with all the love you deserve! Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday! Although I may not be with you on your special day, I would like you to know that I only have great memories of everything we've done up to this point...and hope you create even more today.
  • May all your birthday wishes come true just the way you want them to. Happy birthday!
  • When you were born, we knew that God had sent us a beautiful angel. And you've only become more angelic with every passing year, bringing joy to our lives. Happy birthday, our lovable angel!
  • Wishing you all the gifts life has to offer you, wrapped with all the love I can and forever. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday. From one true friend to another, may good health, great fortune and incredible joy follow you all your days.
  • For me, it's an honor and privilege to wish you, someone so special in my life, the best of birthdays. Have the best ever.
  • A very happy birthday to one of my greatest friends ever. 
  • On your special day, I would like to raise a glass of the finest to you and your future. May this glass be full all your days. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday! You're looking more beautiful than ever! It must be your beautiful personality.
  • Happy birthday! Words alone cannot express how much you mean to me and how much it means to me to celebrate another year of your wonderful life! 
  • On your birthday, I only have one important wish for you. Be happy, be health and be wise today and always. Happy birthday.
  • Finding a friend like you was one of the luckiest things in my life. You make my life awesome. Hoping I can make your birthday and the rest of your life just as amazing. Happy birthday.

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Birthday Wishes for Texting
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  • Have the very happiest of happy birthdays!
  • Hoping your birthday is as heavenly as you are!
  • You deserve only the and all year long!
  • May your birthday be filled with the guiltiest of pleasures!
  • Let's make your this birthday one for the record books!
  • May the force be with you on this birthday!
  • Another year older, another reason to tell you how special you are.
  • My warmest wishes and my deepest love on your birthday and forever!
  • Wishing you a blessed birthday, year and life.

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Hope your birthday bestows you with more happiness, love and fun than you ever thought you could take...and then some! You deserve it all. Enjoy your special day!

May you have such an incredibly special birthday that every day afterward starts and ends with joy, love, laughter and peace of mind.

Happy birthday. May the next 12 months of the year be the happiest of your life. Hope every day is packed with memories that you'll treasure evermore.

Hope your birthday brings you whatever you want. You deserve happiness, love and, most of all, fun on your special day.

Have a great birthday with all the love, laughter and joy you deserve.

May this birthday and the coming year bring you good surprises — filled with sunshine, smiles and sweethearts.

6000+ Birthday Messages - All Unique

Hope you create and enjoy heaps of beautiful birthday memories to cherish your entire life. Happy birthday.

On your special day, you should only have the good luck that comes with family and friends. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday! Hope your special day fills your heart and soul with joy, wonder and love.

6000+ Birthday Greetings

I only have the best birthday blessings for you — today and forever. Happy birthday.

Have an amazing birthday. Be sure to celebrate whatever brings you bliss and contentment.

May your birthday be filled with hours upon hours of joy and love. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday! May you have the best of luck on your special day, bringing you the joy, peace and wonder you so rightfully deserve. 

Happy birthday! It's time for you to have an amazing birthday and savor the joy, love and peace we aim to bring you.

May every moment of your birthday be the happiest you've ever had — and may your happiness spill over to every other day of the year. 

6000+ Birthday Wishes Messages - All Original

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May your life be a series of fortunate events with countless happy birthdays, starting with this one.

Happy birthday. Let’s light your birthday candles and mark the most special day of the year — your birthday.

Happy birthday. Hope you begin your special day with a gigantic smile on your beautiful face — and it only gets bigger and bigger with each hour of your birthday. 

Here's to your special day. Let's make it a truly special celebration. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday. May all your dreams become what you truly want.

Happy birthday. May every dream of yours set your life on fire, brightening up today, your special day, and every other day of the year.

Top of Birthday Wishes

Over 6,000 Birthday Wishes - All 100% Original

Have an amazing birthday. Light your birthday candles and wish upon a star or all the stars in the sky (you certainly deserve everything coming to you).

With this birthday, you're a little older and a lot more wonderful. Have the happiest of special days.

Every year, you become greater in every way that really matters. Have a great birthday.

May your special day be packed with all the joy, peace and glory you wish for. Happy birthday.

Light and blow out each candle on your birthday cake...not because it's what people do, but to celebrate another special day of your extraordinary life. Happy birthday.

You're very special — and you should know it. So I will let you how much every second of your special day. Happy birthday.

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Wishing you a very, very happy birthday. You don’t need to do a thing — I will make it happen for you. You're the best. I love you.

There are so many beautiful things I want to say about you…every day. Today, though, I have only one — happy birthday, beautiful.

You and I are a great team. Together, we are champions. Happy birthday, champ.

The years have been more than kind to you. They've been miraculous. You are a beautiful person, inside (where it mostly counts) and outside.

I treasure every memory we've created together. I look forward to creating even more, starting with your birthday. Let's celebrate until we don't remember a thing. Happy birthday.

You're a wonderful person who has always deserved only the best of everything, nothing less. Happy birthday.

6000+ Birthday Messages

Wishing you a birthday celebration that's as amazing as you are to everyone you know and love. Happy birthday.

Your birthday should be a national holiday, so we can both get the day off from work and celebrate your special day from sunrise to sunset. Happy birthday.

Another birthday, another year you've been blessed with more of everything that makes you an amazing individual. Happy birthday.

Everyone deserves to have a special day, at least once a year on their birthday. Special people like you deserve to have a special birthday celebration in their honor, every day of the year. Happy birthday.

You are the truest friend I've ever had. You've always had my back, supporting me when everyone else I know has left me high and dry. You're the best, and the best you shall have on your special (if I have anything to do with it...and I will). Happy birthday.

May your birthday set your life on fire and light up your path to inner joy, well-being and love.

6000+ Birthday Greetings

You may be growing older every year, but you're the same person — perfect as ever. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday. May you only enjoy the best things that life can offer — because you are definitely one of the best.

Happy birthday. I always wanted a great person like you in my life. Now that you're in my life, we can do many great things together for a lifetime.

There's no better best friend than you in my world. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday. May the start of a new year in your life bring you every bit of happiness, health and prosperity you deserve.

Happy birthday. To celebrate this special day in your life, we have brought you the most lovely and delicious birthday cake. And today, we are going to have it and eat it too — every single morsel.

Happy birthday. Now’s the time to remember, so let's celebrate your special day in the most special of ways — with joy, with fun, with love and, most of all, with loads of birthday cake.

Wishing you a very happy birthday, not because I have to but because I want to. You're one of the finest people I know.

Happy birthday. Thank you for all the memories — from our yesterdays, from today and from all our tomorrows.

Have a beautifully wonderful birthday, the only kind of special day someone like you should have.

Your birthday should be a national holiday, so all the people who know and love you can have a day off to celebrate your arrival into our lives. Happy birthday.

Another birthday, another year older and, most importantly, another reason to celebrate you all day and all night. 

6000+ Birthday Wishes Messages

Happy birthday. So what if you're getting older. It's just the age of your machinery. The you that is you — your heart and soul — is still truly young at heart, still the ever-optimistic Peter Pan. That's a wonderful way to be.

Happy birthday. May only the world's greatest treasures — love, joy, adventure and peace — be yours, today and every day.

It’s your birthday, and you can laugh and sing if you want to (you can even cry but that's no fun). I plan to make you laugh and sing harder than you've ever had in your life. That's because your birthday is a major cause for celebration.

More than 6000 Birthday Wishes - All Unique, All Beautiful!

Sure, with every birthday, you get a little older. But you also get the wisdom to see what's truly beautiful, truly full of joy, truly yours to celebrate.

From one hopeful dreamer to another, may you have the happiest of birthdays, the kind that wishful thoughts are made of.

Birthdays come and go so fast, before we even realize that the day we were born is truly a special one. Let's make your special day especially about you. Let's celebrate you.

To thank you for all the beautiful memories we've shared, I will make your birthday this year the most unforgettable of all, moment by moment, until the wee hours of the night. Let's start now!

I'm glad we have years of memories to keep us warm, fuzzy and happy. Thankfully, we have so many more ones to create, starting today, on your birthday! Let's make your special day extraordinarily unforgettable (in a good way, of course).

I'm more than proud to call you my friend — I'm grateful, honored, blessed, overjoyed, fortunate and humbled. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, bro. You may not be the perfect brother but you are as close to perfect to me.

I'm pretty sure that no one I know comes closer to my ideal of a beautiful, natural woman than you. Not even me. Happy birthday to a truly great human being (you).

Darling, I love you so, so, so much. May the sunshine of our undying love shine dazzlingly on your special day and forever. Happy birthday.

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Our love will never get old. That's because, together, we're forever young. May we always drink from the fountain of youth. Happy birthday, darling!

As far as fathers go, you’re simply awesome. Of course, I'm slightly biased since I'm your child, the recipient of your awesomeness. Happy birthday to the most awesome Dad!

When God created friends, He made them in your image...the best friend anyone can ever have. Happy birthday, BFF!

Happy birthday, my friend! The world stopped spinning for a moment on the day you were born, just long enough for you to make your debut. I'm so glad you came into my orbit and made my world truly wonderful.

Birthdays come once a year, but a sister like you is a once-in-a-lifetime gift. I'm incredibly fortunate to have you as my sister...and my best friend. I love you. Happy birthday, sis!

Grandpa, today is your birthday. Today is the day you started to touch the lives of others in the most important way — with love and kindness. I'm glad I can count myself as one of the lucky many. Happy birthday. I love you dearly.

6000+ Birthday Messages - All Unique

In the dictionary, there's a word for senseless acts of love, kindness, wisdom, intelligence, beauty and generosity: Grandma! Happy birthday, Grandma! You're all those things to me!

My life belongs to you. My heart belongs to you. My love belongs to you. I belong to you. Happy birthday! I love you. 

You're sweeter than the sweetest song and more beautiful than beauty itself. Thanks for making my world truly sweet and beautiful. I love you madly. Happy birthday, my dearest.

6000+ Birthday Greetings

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Take every birthday wish you've received today, multiply all the love you found in them by 1,000, then add years of joy, wonder and prosperity to the mix...and it still wouldn't equal all the love, joy, wonder and prosperity I wish for you.

Wishing you, my best friend, the best of birthdays — with the best of me by your side every step of the way to make sure.

You've always done everything right your whole life. On your special day, let yourself go and do everything wrong, but be sure to savor every wickedly wonderful moment of it all. 

Happy birthday, son! I plan to make your birthday as special, exciting, beautiful and all-around amazing as you are to me, starting now! 

Happy birthday, darling! You're the best daughter anyone could ever wish for. Thank you for choosing me as your partner in fun on your special day. We will definitely have some unforgettable, unbelievable memories to share for a lifetime.  

Mom, you've always believed in me, even when I didn't, even when nobody did. I have you to thank for all the great things in my life. Happy birthday! I love you!


Happy birthday. Give yourself a break from all your troubles and let yourself fully enjoy your special day — after all, it's the only day of the year that you can get away with it.

For your special day, I have only two birthday wishes for you: now and forever. Be happy in the now, so you'll be happy forever!

Any day we can live our lives to the fullest is a gift. Savor every moment of your special day, because you'll have to wait another 364 days to feel as special. Happy birthday.

6000+ Happy Birthday Wishes

Wishing you the greatest birthday ever.

Wishing one of the best individuals I know the very best birthday.

Your age makes no difference. You do. Every day. Happy birthday.

Hope you have a wonderful birthday that lasts all year round!

Happier birthdays come to dreamers who dare to take action. Like you.

Happy birthday balloon, cake, candles, ice cream and present day!

Happy birthday! May joy be your companion everywhere you go.

Happy birthday! It's time for your BIG birthday bash! Let's get started!

Take the time to have a bright, sunshiny,
fun-filled birthday!

You're one today...You're finally allowed to have your birthday cake and eat it — with your hands. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! You're truly amazing, truly unique, truly fun, truly independent, truly ageless. Truly.

Happy birthday! Turning your age is not so bad when you consider the alternative: turning 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 or 100.

Happy birthday! Let’s turn your 50th birthday into a celebration you'll never forget (or, if you're lucky, you'll forget entirely). And there's no better time to get started than right this second!

Whoever said you're 60 years old is just wrong. You're actually a 30 year old with 30 years of mind-numbing, mind-altering, mind-bending, mind-boggling, mind-blowing, mind-expanding, never-mind life experience. Happy birthday!

Happy 100th birthday! This is not a milestone because you have 100 years of life, love and memories under your belt. It's because of you. You're the most incredible person I've ever known...and will ever know.

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When you turn 21, you can legally do what you've done illegally since you were 13. Let’s drink up!

Happy birthday. From the depths of my blissful soul to the peak of my unbridled passion, I wish you the happiest of special days, my love!

Happy birthday! Hope you have thousands of reasons to see the thousands of unforgettable moments your special day can bring you.

6000+ Birthday Wishes

Speaking of a half century, how are you? Feeling old today? Don’t — you’re as old and cool as the first Mustang built a half century ago! Happy 50th birthday!

It’s that time again…your 29th birthday! Happy birthday. You look so mature for your age.

For someone who's just turned 80, you only look a day over 79. Seriously, though, you look and act even younger than any 60 year old I know. Happy birthday!

On your special day, look back at all the wonderful moments we’ve shared — and look forward to even more amazing ones yet to share. Happy birthday.

You forever make me smile! Now it's my turn to give you something to smile about on your special day. Happy birthday.

BFF, you have a very special place in my heart. Because it's your special day, I only have heartfelt birthday wishes for you. Have a truly wonderful birthday.

Happy birthday! You know everything about me but you still think I'm special. I know everything about you and I think you're even more special with every birthday of yours. 

May all your birthday wishes come to life — as soon as you blow out every candle on your birthday cake. 

If anyone deserves to experience joy, peace and wonder to the fullest, it’s you. Happy birthday!

6000+ Birthday Messages

Every day may be the first day of the rest of your life, but your birthday was your very first. Celebrate it as if there were no tomorrows. Happy birthday.

Friends don't let friends celebrate their birthdays by themselves. Let's get your party started. Happy birthday, BFF!

Happy birthday. You may still be young enough to be reckless, but you're now old enough to be charged as an adult for it.

Happy birthday! If you ever feel regret, may it never be from what you have not said, done or felt.

We fit together like two halves of the same soul, far greater than the sum of our separate selves. Happy birthday. I love you.

Happy birthday! May your special day be as warm as the sunlight, as breezy as the wind and as right as rain. 

Top of Birthday Wishes

Mom, when I say there’s no one who compares to you, I mean it. You’re honestly one of a kind. The best kind. Happy birthday!

Birthdays are special — it's a special day that inspires you to appreciate how far you've journeyed in life and how close you are to the next wonderful adventure.

Your birthday is the perfect time to stop brooding over the thorns in life and promise yourself the rose garden of your dreams.

6000+ Birthday Greetings

Here's to a birthday full of life and a life full of happy birthdays!

Happy birthday. May you live to be so old that the mere sight of you is enough to scare young children and horrify ex-lovers.

Happy birthday! Wherever you are, I want to be. Wherever you go, I want to follow. Wherever you stop, I want to rest. 

People say that with age comes wisdom. I don’t know about you but I’d rather be young and stupid than old and wise. Happy birthday!

I thought about giving you something you’d treasure the rest of your life but what’s the point of spending money on a gift that’s only good for a few years. Happy birthday, old fart!

Don’t think about how old you are. Think how blessed you are. Think about all the experiences you've had in life — both good and bad — that have brought you this far. Here’s to life! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! Today, celebrate the day you were born. Every day, celebrate life.

Sure, a day off from work would make your birthday super special but a year off your age would make everyone super jealous. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday! Hope this special day is the start of your most special year ever!

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Birthdays are nature's way of telling you that eating more cake is stupid, especially when you have to look in the mirror the next morning. Have a special (and carb-free) day!

6000+ Birthday Wishes

6000+ Happy Birthday Wishes

On your special day, I have the perfect gift for you, a gift that’s guaranteed to get you through thick or thin, feast or famine, sink or swim and all or nothing: my undying love (and my credit card, if necessary). Happy birthday!

Sure, good friends remember your birthday and forget your age. But great friends remember your birthday and get you smashed to the point you forget your own age. Happy birthday! Let’s party, BFF!

If the love you take is equal to the love you make, you must be the world's most loved and loving person. I’m glad I get to bask in the sunshine of your love. Happy birthday!

Great things do happen to great people — especially on their special day — and you're certainly one of the greatest people I know and love. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday. As you get older, losing your memory bit by bit is certain. Forgetting everything that once made you miserable is certainly better.

You wear your age well — it looks great on you. I would love to try your inner fountain of youth on for size and see if it fits me. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday! For most people, wisdom comes with age. For others, it's prosperity. For everyone I know, it just means getting older. Good luck with the first two.

For your special day, I have good news and bad news. The good news is I don't have any bad news. The bad news is that I don't have any good news. Anything can happen.Don't you just love birthdays? Not.

There's only one thing I like about you: everything. Happy birthday!

6000+ Birthday Messages

Happy birthday. You mean more to me than my favorite thing in the world. Considering it's chocolate, that's saying a lot.

Despite how much you try to blend in, it's only natural for you to stand out. That's something you should be celebrating. Happy birthday!

Your birthday doesn't mean you're another year older — it means you have another year to celebrate. Happy birthday.

You're not getting older. You're getting a pension. Happy birthday.

If you're fortunate enough to have a pal like you, then you're me. Happy birthday to my best friend.

You are a role model for the truly one of a kind. You were born an original! Happy birthday.

Happy birthday! Hope your special day is as beautiful as you are and bestows you with twice as much as you wished for!

Happy birthday. Every year you get closer and closer to who you really are, what you truly want to be. Now that's really something to wish for.

Happy birthday. May your heart beat true with the joy, love and laughter you bring to everyone around you.

Birthday Wishes
Get cosmic with your loved one's birthday wishes

Aries (March 21-April 19)

You are an Aries through and through. You are a trailblazer with the energy to make things happen, fight for your beliefs and boldly put yourself out there. You are remarkable. Happy birthday!

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

You are a real Taurus. You are a true giver, a source of strength, security and joy for the people you know and love. You are special. Happy birthday!

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

You are my favorite Gemini. Intriguing, unique, imaginative, charismatic, smart and daring, you are a guiding light for your friends and an agent of change for the world (for the better). Happy birthday!

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Like the best Cancers, you are a genuine nurturer. You have a heart of gold — caring, patient, empathetic, thoughtful, passionate and inspired — when it comes to those you love. Happy birthday!

Leo (July 23-August 22)

You are definitely a lion of a Leo — utterly brave, compassionate, giving, dependable, protective, honest and charming. Let them hear you roar on your special day. Happy birthday!

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Devoted, inventive, supportive, witty and no-nonsense like any true Virgo, you're always the first to lend me a helping hand when I need one. I'm glad I have a Virgo Friend like you. Happy birthday! 

Libra (September 23-October 22)

You're always a Libra on a good day. Fascinating, adorable, fair, honest and generous, you inspire me to find peace, harmony and love in life —because you do it so well, with style and grace. Happy birthday!

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

You're made from the best of everything Scorpio. You're magnetic, passionate, loyal, protective, trendsetting and brave — all the qualities of an amazing individual (and my BFF), Happy birthday!

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Happy birthday. It must be in the stars that you're a Sagittarius. You're dedicated, trustworthy, fair, upbeat, passionate, encouraging and, above all, inspiring. You inspire me. Continue to dream big!

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

As the best example of any Capricorn I know, you're hardworking, loyal, family-oriented, devoted, honest and, best of all, fearless, making this world — and my world — simply beautiful. 

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Happy birthday. It figures you're an Aquarius. You're outgoing, unique, open, fair, logical and inviting, helping me (and all your loved ones) envision life's infinite possibilities (we can't see ourselves). Thanks. 

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

As a Pisces, you're naturally idealistic, compassionate, wise, comforting and imaginative — it's what I love about you. May you always live life to the fullest through rose-colored glasses. Happy birthday.

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Birthday Wishes
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My life would not be as magical without a niece like you. Happy birthday from the bottom of my heart.

Whenever you feel alone or scared, don't forget that we will also always be there for you. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Our love for you is immeasurable — not even Google or Wikipedia could tell you how much we love you. Have an amazing birthday!

Sweetheart, I love you so much, not only because you're my niece, but also because you're an incredible person who brings magic to everyone's lives, especially mine. Happy, happy, happy birthday!

Happy birthday, darling. You're such a wonderful person who deserves everything great that life has in store for you. Be happy always.

Happy birthday. As your Aunt, it's my duty to spoil you rotten with love...and anything else you may want on your special day (or any day).

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Birthday Wishes
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Nephews may come in different shapes and sizes, but you come in only one: you're the world's greatest nephew. Happy birthday.

I've tried over and over again to refrain from spoiling you with everything you want but it's no use — you're just too wonderful a nephew to stop myself. Happy birthday.

Every birthday of yours reminds us how fortunate we are to have you as a nephew. Every year, we feel more fortunate. Happy birthday, dear nephew.

Once again, we have the honor and privilege to celebrate your birthday with you. We are surely blessed. Happy birthday, wonderful nephew.

Happy birthday. If there were more incredible nephews like you, most people would stop trying to have children of their own. We're glad we have you as OUR incredible nephew.

Happy birthday to an amazing nephew. You've become a very special person, filled with so much love and kindness. You make the world a better place. We love you dearly.

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Birthday Wishes
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Happy birthday. God does not care about the candles on your birthday cake or the money you have in your bank account — only the faith, love and hope in your heart. Bless your lovely, faithful and hopeful heart.

We were all made in God's image. When you smile, I can see God in your eyes, the window to your beautiful soul. Happy birthday.

God may have brought you into this world in your birthday suit, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to keep it fit for life. Have a happy and healthy birthday.

God gives you joy. You give God joy. May you only know joy on your birthday!

May God bless you all your days, and doubly so on your special day. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday. May God keep you young at heart and beautiful of mind.

Happy birthday. It gives me great pleasure to see that God has blessed you with another year of life. May you be blessed with many more.

Each birthday is a gift of love, joy and wonder from God. Celebrate to your heart's content and your soul's fulfilled. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday. May God bless you with years upon years of joy, health, wonder and faith!

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Birthday Wishes
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Here's a preview of birthday messages you can use as birthday wishes for your clients. I've added them to this site — in a section all their own. See all the client birthday wishes here.

Happy birthday to the best client anyone could ever have. May your brightest ideas become a reality.

Wishing you the very best birthday and the most successful year ever.

Happy birthday! Working with you and your team has been the highlight of my career.

It’s "Happy Birthday" time! Wishing you only the best of everything on your birthday and in the year ahead.

Happy birthday! May your special day be the beginning of a year blessed with good fortune, good health and great joy.

On behalf of our entire team, I wish you the happiest of birthdays.

6000+ Birthday Greetings

It’s a pleasure doing business with you! I hope your birthday is filled with everything that gives you pleasure.

Happy birthday! Just wanted to say that I'm glad you and I get to work together every day of the week! I look forward to working with you for many birthdays to come.

Happy birthday! We truly appreciate the chance to work with you and look forward to working together for many more of your birthdays.

Happy birthday! It's always been a pleasure working with you! We greatly appreciate your business.

We're so fortunate to have a client like you. Happy birthday! 

Loyalty, commitment, trust and honestly are merely words but you and your team give them real meaning 24/7. Happy birthday!

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