Happy Birthday Wishes


Happy birthday wishes can make anyone, at any age, feel truly special on their birthday. The best express what you want to say, offering you the perfect birthday message not only for your family and friends, but also for coworkers, clients, acquaintances and the children of friends.

For some tried-and-true ideas, check out the happy birthday greetings below. 

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Birthday Wishes
for Everyone

What are the best happy birthday wishes? My favorites are happy birthday wishes you can send to anybody — family, friends, lovers, coworkers, even clients.

The best have an all-purpose birthday greeting that's sentimental, happy, inspirational and cute all at once. For inspiration, take a look at the examples below:

Celebrate in a big way! This is, after all, YOUR special day! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! You're proof positive that you can't judge people by their age. You have the youngest heart of anyone I know.

Have an amazing birthday. It only comes around once a year, so do something to make it memorable!

Happy birthday! Have a truly special day. You deserve at least one every year. Enjoy yours to the fullest.

Happy birthday! Bravo on celebrating yet another year of your life that easily qualifies as a personal best for you.

Wishing you the very happiest of the happiest birthdays you've ever celebrated!

Happy Birthday Wishes - Happy Birthday Messages for Everyone

Happy birthday, handsome! You still look a decade younger than you have a right to.

Happy birthday! You’ve seen and done so much in your lifetime. Keep it up for many years to come.

Happy birthday! You're one year older but you're still the same: wonderful.

Happy birthday to a terrific person! Hope your day is just as terrific as you are!

Best wishes for a birthday filled with joy, laughter and love — all the things you bring to everyone's life all year long.

If I had three wishes, I wouldn't ask for happiness, health and riches. I have all those things and more because of you! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! Age is just a number. You aren't your age. You're you — just perfect.

Wishing you all the happiness that you deserve. That's more than you think. Happy birthday!

Wishing you a birthday full of everything that makes you happy, healthy, wealthy and wise year-round.

Happy Birthday Wishes - Happy Birthday Messages for Everyone

Hoping the happiness you feel on your birthday lasts the whole year through.

My thoughts will be with you every moment of your birthday, making sure you have a wonderfully special day.

May all your birthday wishes and dreams become an incredibly beautiful reality.

May you have years upon years of happiness, health and prosperity. But why stop there? May you have as many years as you desire.

May your birthday and every other day of your life be filled with more health and happiness than you will ever need. 

Happy birthday! Hoping you only know many more happy, healthy, wealthy, wise years.

Happy birthday! Whether or not your birthday wishes come true, you can be sure of one thing: we will always wish only the best for you.

For you, I wish truly the very warmest, very happiest of birthdays.

Hoping your birthday and all your days bring you better than the best.

Happy Birthday Wishes - Happy Birthday Messages for Everyone

You deserve to celebrate only the happiest of birthdays. May this one be your very happiest.

Best wishes for 365 bright and beautiful days of happiness, health and success, starting with your birthday.

May your birthday be full of happy moments and the moments of your life full of happy birthdays.

Happy Birthday Messages for Anyone, Any Age!

Happy birthday! Hope today, your special day, is the start of your most incredible year yet!

Happy birthday! May you have a special day as wonderfully special as you are to your family and friends.

Happy birthday! May your wildest dreams fire up your life and light your birthday candles for many years to come.

On this special day, I wish you the very best...all the joy you can handle and more. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! May you be blessed today, tomorrow and all the days of your life.

Happy birthday! Hope the most fantastic day of the year for you is absolutely funtastic.

Happy birthday! You deserve to have a special day — at least once a year.

Happy birthday! You aren't getting older. You're getting more seasoned — "Brad Pitt" seasoned.

There’s nothing wrong with you. In fact, the older you get, the righter you become to me.

You always look your best. And with each passing year, you just look better and better. Happy birthday!

Hope your birthday this year is unforgettable in every way...in other words, as unforgettable as you.

Happy birthday! May your dreams, no matter how wild, come to pass during your lifetime. We all deserve a little magic, especially you.

Happy Birthday Wishes

Wishing you an incredibly happy and 100% unforgettable birthday! 

Wishing my best friend in the world "happy birthday" and the best the world has to offer!

The more birthday candles on your cake, the more birthday wishes you get. That just makes your "happy birthday" happier!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Anyone, Any Age!

Wishing you everything you need and anything you want on your birthday...and every unbirthday.

Hope you have miles and miles of smiles on your birthday and down the road.

If it's at all possible, I wish you better than the best on your birthday.

May your biggest and boldest birthday wishes come true today and all your tomorrows!

Soak up every ounce of fun and excitement you can squeeze out of your birthday. That's what they're for.

Wishing you all beautiful things great and small — and everything in-between — on your birthday and every day.

The very best wishes on your birthday and the other 364 special days of the year.

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays from the bottom of my heart to the top of my mind...and back.

Hope the birthday wishes you hold most dear come true in the coming year...for years to come!

May your birthday start and end with the belief that you are special...because you are! 

For every candle on your birthday cake, may you be granted a birthday wish that's guaranteed to come true.

Best wishes for the most merry birthday and happy tomorrows.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Anyone, Any Age!

Happy birthday to the happiest person in any room, anywhere.

Happy birthday. May this special moment in time lift you higher than you ever imagined.

You are an amazing person. You deserve an amazingly special day. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Everyone on Your Birthday List

"Hippy" birthday! May you have 24 hours of pure bliss, peace and love! 

Eat, drink, sing, dance, celebrate and be happy to the tune of whatever you moves you — it's your birthday, after all.

Happy birthday! There's only one way to celebrate your special day. BIG! 

Happy birthday. May your special day be truly the stuff of dreams.

Happy birthday. May you always sip from the fountain of youth and essence of wisdom.

Wishing you a spectacularly spectacular, wonderfully wonderful birthday.

Happiness is celebrating your birthday on a sunshiny day. Happiness is you. Happy birthday!

Hope your birthday transports you to your oasis of calm.

May your deepest desires and wildest dreams take you further than you ever thought possible, starting today, your birthday!

Birthday Wishes
for Him

What should you write for the men  (your friend, your father, your grandfather, your son, your uncle or your brother) in your life? You want to send a birthday greeting that shows know just how special he is to you, including a personal birthday message specifically for him.

For some ideas, use, change or combine the examples below:

Happy birthday! Hope your special day is exactly like you — the most awesome guy I know.

Happy birthday! Wishing you a special day that’s as amazing as you are! And that's freaking amazing!

We all have birthdays, but yours is a truly special day for me. Because you're special to me. Happy birthday!

When you came into this world, mankind became kinder. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! Thinking of you today. You're my favorite thought of the day!

Happy birthday! Wishing you all the things you want out of life, stating today.

Happy Birthday Wishes - Happy Birthday Messages for Him

From morning to night, hoping this birthday is your best yet.

I’m so fortunate to have a friend like you. I think everybody is jealous of me. Happy birthday!

Since it’s your birthday, do nothing, do everything – do whatever. You deserve to do just what you want on your big day!

Happy Birthday Wishes - Happy Birthday Messages for Him

Happy birthday! Do you feel the good vibrations I'm sending your way? It's not tinnitus. It's my birthday love for you.

Nothing wishes you “Happy Birthday” like a birthday greeting that wishes “Happy Birthday” to you. Thoughtful on your special day, yes. Original, not so much.

Happy birthday! Give yourself a manly (but big) birthday hug and pretend it's from yours truly (me). You deserve a hug today!

Happy Birthday Wishes - Happy Birthday Messages for Him

Happy birthday! Don't think of yourself as older. Think that you're better at the game of life. Actually, you're the best.

Know why older men start to smell a little funny? Well, you’re about to find out.

Happy birthday! Yes, I remembered your birthday. I even forgot your age. You can thank me later.

Birthday Wishes
for Her

What should you write the women in your life, from your mother, daughter, sister and grandmother to your aunt, friend and lover? Let her know that she's someone who has touched you in an awesome way.

Show her just how much you care about her with a special birthday message. To get started with your birthday greeting, get inspired by the examples below:

Happy birthday! Wishing you a special day as sunny as your smile.

Happy birthday! Your special day is important to me but, quite honestly, every day with you matters to me!

Hoping your birthday is full of moments that make you see just how special you are.

Happy birthday! Here’s to another year of joy, laughs, adventure and love!

Wishing you a birthday that makes all your others pale in comparison. You deserve only the best!

Happy birthday! Make a wish, blow out your birthday candles and I'll make it come true! I'd do anything for you!

Happy Birthday Wishes - Happy Birthday Messages for Her

Happy birthday! You deserve to be pampered every second of the day. Indulge!

Don’t worry about getting older. You wear your birthdays well. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the only person who makes my life complete: you, my dearest!

Happy Birthday Wishes - Happy Birthday Messages for Her

There's not enough room in this birthday wish to list the hundreds of reasons that you are such a wonderful person, so I will give you one: you're you, and that's awesome. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! You’ll be my best friend forever and a day. Yes, you're a keeper.

Happy birthday! There's a secret to staying young: lie about your age.

Happy Birthday Wishes - Happy Birthday Messages for Her

Happy birthday! We've been the best of friends for years, but the best is yet to come, starting today!

Happy birthday! Thinking about about your age is a waste of time. It's what makes you sparkle that counts. And you are a precious gem.

Happy birthday! The more you celebrate your birthday, the more birthdays you'll celebrate. Yes, it's that simple!

Happy birthday! Hoping your special day is just like you — fabulous.

Happy birthday! Wishing you a special day that’s as beautiful as you make this world! That's really, really beautiful!

When you were born, everything changed. Everything became wonderful, like you. Happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes

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Happy Birthday to My Daughter!

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What should you say on someone's birthday?

When you don't know what type of birthday message you should send someone, happy birthday wishes are the way to go. You might even say that they are the "safest" path to take. It's almost impossible to offend anyone with this type of birthday message.  

There's very little chance you'll accidentally insult someone with"happy" birthday wishes, given their benign nature. So, are these "nice" birthday greetings the best route for you? First, you need to consider why you're choosing happy birthday wishes in the first place.

Is it because you don't know what type of birthday greeting to send (or you just don't care what you send)? 

Do you want to avoid looking ridiculous with the wrong birthday message? 

Are you concerned that you might look inconsiderate if you don't send one at all?

If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions, happy birthday wishes are the best option for you.

Out of all the birthday verses you can choose to give someone, the "happy” birthday message is the least risky. It’s virtually impossible to hurt people with this type of greeting. But it’s also the most generic kind of birthday wish you can pick for your loved ones. And you don't want to seem insincere.

You can avoid the pitfalls of "happy” birthday messages by keeping in mind why people like to receive them: they want birthday greetings that show you care enough about them to acknowledge their special day in a tangible way (in writing).

Ultimately, you should choose happy birthday wishes that show you appreciate the recipient of your message. You don't have to pick a birthday message with "deep" or "strong" sentiments — particularly if it's not for a family member or romantic interest. You just need to express "appropriate" feelings that you think will ring true for the birthday boy or girl, based on his or her personality. 

What's the perfect type of birthday wish? According to a "Real Simple" article I read, the perfect birthday greeting "compliments the recipient’s best qualities, turns a birthday card into a thank-you note, focuses on the year ahead (and what you hope it brings) and does not assume people are thrilled about a birthday (emphasizing the person, not the milestone)." Read this article here.

With all these tips in mind, the happy birthday wishes you choose can be a perfect, inoffensive birthday message not only for your family and friends, but also for coworkers, clients, acquaintances and the children of friends. For ideas, check out the examples on this page. Feel free to combine them, change them or use them "as is" if they express what you feel about the birthday gal or guy.


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