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Sentimental birthday poems, at their best, can take your loved ones on a sentimental journey. Let the tender birthday poems here start that journey for them.

What should you look for in a sentimental birthday message? Make sure that the sentimental birthday verse you choose has just the right dosage of sentimentality for the birthday boy or girl — not too much, not too little. You want to pick one that fits the personality of your loved one perfectly.

If you missed "Message Guy Tip #32" on page 1, check it out now. It's worth the read. It may actually be the difference between picking a good poem and a great poem for the birthday boy or girl. Interested? Click here to read my helpful hints on picking the best sentimental birthday poems.

By Message Guy

Happy birthday, my dearest friend,
To me, you're heaven sent,
No matter what comes my way,
You're there to the fullest extent.

I've never known a kinder soul,
Your spirit is brighter than ever,
You have the grace of an angel,
Even through the stormiest weather.

A better friend I've never had,
Your word is tried and true,
So today I say with all my love,
There's nobody finer than you.

Sentimental Birthday Poems: Sentimental Birthday Messages
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By Message Guy

"Happy birthday" means I love you,
And you're very special to me,
It means you make me so proud,
There's nothing you cannot be. 

"Happy birthday" means I'm thankful,
For all you do and who you are,
It means you need only call my name,
And I'll be there for you near or far.

By Message Guy

Grandpa, you're simply amazing,
You're gentle, loving and kind,
You're there when I need you,
I'm so very glad you're mine. 

Happy birthday, Grandpa!
You are one in a billion.
The only true hero for me,
And all your grandchildren. 

By Message Guy

Birthday wishes are from deep down,
Mine is from the bottom of my heart,
I wish you the happiest of birthdays,
Full of love and joy from the start.

Hope your special day is truly special,
May it be your best celebration yet,
With lots of laughs and looking back,
A party too amazing to ever forget!

By Message Guy

Hope you live a rewarding life,
Full of joy, wonder and health,
With riches that go beyond gold,
And trinkets the least of your wealth. 

May every wish you've ever made,
Make all your dreams come true,
May the love you give return tenfold,
Bringing the birthday gifts you're due.

By Message Guy

May your special day be sunny,
Not a cloud in the sky all day long,
May all you wish for today go right,
And nothing you need go wrong. 

Happy birthday, my beloved friend,
You deserve the very best in life,
May you be given the perfect day,
With no stress, no pain and no strife.

Sentimental Birthday Poems: Sentimental Birthday Messages
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By Message Guy

There's one gift you cannot buy,
A buried treasure precious and true,
It's the gift of a close, kind friend,
Exactly what I have in you.

We've shared each other's joys,
And cried on each other's shoulders,
These are our precious moments,
That make us stronger, even bolder.

So I wish you "Happy birthday,"
With all my heart and soul,
We'll be best friends forever,
Two halves of one fabulous whole.

By Message Guy

To you I just want to say,
Happy birthday, my dearest friend,
You are truly my partner in joy,
What we have here will never end.

By Message Guy

You make me smile,
Even when I'm blue,
You can change night into day,
With the magic that you do.

So I wish you a special day,
And gift after gift filled with glee, 
May they come wrapped with a bow,
For a birthday so alive and free.

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