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Great sentimental birthday poems are genuinely heartwarming, daringly honest and thoroughly uplifting — just like the sentimental poems for birthdays I have right below.

You simply need to pick a sentimental poem that's sure to resonate with the birthday girl or boy. This depends on both his or her personality and what you want to say to him or her. Because heartfelt messages come in many shapes and sizes, I've written a wide variety of sentimental poems, offering you a whole spectrum of sentimentality to choose from.

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By Message Guy

I'm pretty busy,
I’m always on the go,
I get myself in little jams,
As you surely know.

But it's your birthday,
And you may not have a clue,
Because I rarely say out loud,
I think the world of you.

So today I'm going to tell you,
It's important that you know,
I really do appreciate you,
Even though it doesn’t show.

Happy birthday!

By Message Guy

Moms can be so huggable,
Now and then cruel to be kind,
Incredibly honest to a fault,
Amazingly right all the time.

That’s how you show your love,
When I need you to be there,
Thank you very much, Mom,
For all your love and care. 

Happy birthday!

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By Message Guy

If I could be one thing in life,
I know just what I would be, 
I would be brave like you, 
Your courage inspires me. 

Happy birthday!

By Message Guy

I'd bake the grandest cake for you,
If only I could bake,
I'd send you a nicely wrapped gift,
But I have no tape.

I'd arrange a party for you,
But I don't have the space,
I'd cook you a lavish meal,
But I don't have any plates.

Maybe in the coming years,
I could do all those things for you,
In the meantime, happy birthday.
May your craziest wishes come true!

By Message Guy

When I was young,
I looked up to you,
Now that I'm older, 
I gladly still do.

Your bravery makes me brave,
Your wisdom makes me wise,
You make me want to be better,
Especially in your eyes.

You and I have a long history,
We go back a long way,
I want to be like you at your age,
Happy birthday.

By Message Guy

You're the Dad I'd have picked,
If I'd been able to choose,
With a Dad as great as you,
I surely could never lose.

You've always been there for me,
All through these years,
So best wishes, Dad,
And lots of birthday cheer.

By Message Guy

I have so many great memories,
From all our times in the past,
So many things to appreciate,
Everything is going too fast.

I'm thankful you're still around,
And I'm very grateful too.
Have a happy birthday,
I wish only the best for you.

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By Message Guy

When I'm with you, Dad,
I enjoy our quality time,
I love every second, 
Every moment shines.

I'm so glad you're my Dad,
I wouldn't have it any other way,
You're so special to me,
Have a wonderful birthday. 

By Message Guy

I know I was a handful,
At times a little much,
But you always guided me,
With your gentle touch.

And now that I'm older,
I think I'm much wiser,
But I have my doubts,
I still need you as my advisor.

Happy birthday!

By Message Guy

Happy birthday, little princess,
You're lovelier than the reddest rose,
Minute by minute I love you more,
The truest love of all, for all I know.

Have a special day, sweet daughter,
I want to see you smile ear to ear,
Birthdays are meant to be celebrated,
And yours is the event of the year.

By Message Guy

We'd really like to tell you how much,
We love being your Mom and Dad,
You're such a wonderful, kind person,
The finest child anybody's ever had.

We wish you the best of the best,
May the dreams you prize come true,
But whatever hand you're dealt,
Know we're already so proud of you.

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