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70th Birthday Wishes

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Choose the right birthday messages from the writer-approved 70th birthday wishes below — for men and women.

Some 70th Birthday Wish Tips...

Turning 70 is a major milestone. It's tough for some people — since they think it's the last quarter of their life. For others, if they're healthy, it's the best time of all because they still feel young at heart. So figuring out what message to write can be difficult.

Should it be philosophical? Inspirational? Funny? It depends more on the birthday boy or girl than what you want to say. Choose an option below to get started...and have fun.

You are the most inspirational person to everyone who knows and loves you. Happy 70th birthday! 

Wish I had your seventy years of wisdom. Happy birthday! 

You're the youngest 70 year old I know. Happy birthday! 

You are 70 but you still look younger than a 50 year old. I would really like to know your secret fountain of youth. Happy 70th birthday!

I've never seen a more beautiful 70 year old. Happy birthday! 

Hope your 70s will be as awesome as your 60s. Happy 70th birthday!

I hope I’m as inspirational as you are when I hit 70. Happy 70th birthday!

Turning 70 means two things: You survived the 60s and you survived your 60s. Happy 70th birthday!

When you turn 70, you see the “big things in life” large print. Happy 70th birthday!

Don’t be concerned that your youth seems to be slipping away at 70 — you can't expect to catch all the grandchildren! Happy 70th birthday!

When you’re 70, the problem is not the fact that you’ve slowed down, it's that everyone else hasn’t. Happy 70th birthday!

When you turn 70, you deserve the respect that comes with your stature. Unfortunately, life isn't fair. Happy 70th birthday!

You look fantastic for a person who is hitting 80...I mean 70. Happy 70th birthday!

With 70 comes with a certain amount of maturity, so it's about time you stopped behaving like a reckless 60 year old. Happy 70th birthday!

At 70, you’ll be driving as fast as your age in miles per hour. Your life won’t get any faster.

I’ve been looking forward to hitting 70 someday. Tell me how it looks to you. Happy 70th birthday!

I consider myself lucky knowing an amazing, 70-year-old person like you. Happy 70th birthday!

70 may be an awesome number, but not as awesome as you are! Hope you have an awesome on your 70th birthday! Have a wonderful day.

I think it’s amazing that it took only 70 years to make a great person like you. Happy 70th birthday!

I am glad that the world has been blessed by such an amazing person for a whole 70 years!

Happy 70th birthday! You are just the right age to be a really cool senior citizen.

Here’s to another 30 great years of life before I can truly call you old at 100.

Have a terrific 70th birthday — you only get to turn 70 once.

May every unfulfilled dream of yours during the past seventy years come true. Happy 70th Bday!

At 70, you’re so old they've cancelled your blood type. Happy 70th birthday!

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