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The best 90th birthday wishes celebrate this incredible milestone in someone's life with the reverence and dignity it deserves. Only the best make the cut here. See for yourself below...


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How to pick 90th birthday wishes...

Turning 90 is a major milestone birthday. Although it's tempting to go the "easy" route and choose a birthday message with the usual "happy birthday" sentiments, don't do it — your 90th birthday boy or girl won't appreciate it the way you expect.

With 90th birthday wishes, you should opt for a message that pays real tribute to this incredible milestone. In reality, how does this approach translate into an appropriate birthday greeting? It means... Read more ►

Wishing you all the joy and peace you want out of life as you celebrate your 90th birthday.

May you have a 90th birthday that gives you even more reason to sip from the elixir of life.

Happy birthday to the most incredible, most inspirational, most captivating 90 year old I have ever known.

Hoping your 90th birthday, like your lifetime, is full of love from family and friends, unbridled joy, unforgettable moments and, ultimately, happy memories.

On your 90th birthday, may you only know the joy, peace and health that comes with a life well lived.

Happy birthday to someone who can teach a 20 year old how to be young.

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The 90th birthday wish below has a special place in my heart. Why? Because... Read more ►

May your 90th birthday be the first of many days that bring you invigorating dawns, long afternoons, exquisite sunsets and brilliant full moons!

90th Birthday Messages - Birthday Wishes for 90 Year Olds
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Happy birthday! At 90, you're not old or young. You defy description. You're a time-tested classic!

You seem to be more carefree in spirit and younger at heart with every passing year. Happy 90th birthday!

To us, you sparkle like a brilliant gem. And the years have not diminished your special glow — they've only made you more luminous. Happy 90th birthday!

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Throughout your life, you've made it your mission to be loving, kind, gentle and true. Mission accomplished! Now, our mission is to shower you with our love and gratitude. Happy 90th birthday!

Happy 90th birthday! This is the perfect occasion to celebrate you and your life. You are more than our role model — you're our hero. 

Wishing you more joy and health than you ever expected on your 90th birthday...and every day afterward. 

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Birthday Messages for 90 Year Olds
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Happy birthday! I can't believe you're 90. You feel and act decades younger than you actually are. You must have been blessed with the spirit of someone half your age. 

Congratulations on reaching this amazing milestone! Happy 90th birthday!

Happy 90th birthday! I know the road has been long, with many unexpected twists and turns, but I hope that the rest of your journey is a walk in the park on a beautiful, sunny day.

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