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Yes, selecting boss birthday wishes can be hard…and choosing the wrong one may even get you fired. Stop worrying — here are wonderfully original birthday messages for your boss. He or she will love what you pick because there aren't any bad choices on this page.


Message Guy Tip #33:
How to select boss birthday wishes...

Picking a birthday wish for your boss is not easy. Even if you have the best boss in the world, this is not an occasion you want to mess up.

So what type of boss birthday message should you select? If it's... Read more ►

Your dedication and determination inspire us to be dedicated and determined. You make us better at what we do. Here's to the best boss we ever had! Have the happiest of birthdays!

May you always have as much strength and courage to lead us and, more importantly, a truly happy life. Happy birthday, boss!

May God bless you today with a wonderfully happy birthday and years of tomorrows filled with prosperity and joy. Happy birthday, boss!

May you live to be 100 and may you never retire! We like you too much! We don't want to lose you! Happy birthday, boss!

We, of course, wish you a long, satisfying, successful career. But that's not all! We also wish you a life filled with joy. It's only fair — you've made ours so great! Happy birthday, boss!

This should be no surprise...we only have special birthday wishes for you, because you're such a special boss. Happy birthday!

Boss Birthday Wishes - Happy Birthday, Boss!
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Message Guy Pick

I like this boss birthday wish for a very good, very real reason. Read more ►

You make the hours of every workday really rock. It must be the fact that you have the heart and soul of a real rock star.

I never thought I’d put it in writing but I look forward to Mondays! That’s because of you!  You’re the best boss ever! Happy birthday!

You must certainly be a rich person! That’s because everyone here owes you so much...for your kindness, guidance and inspiration. Happy birthday, Boss! 

Thanking you for being a great boss just isn't enough for your special day! Thank you for inspiring us to be our best! Happy birthday, boss!

Happy birthday, boss! Your special day is special to us. You’re special to us…as an incredible boss and an even more incredible friend.

Top of Boss Birthday Wishes

Hoping you have a long, fulfilling career with all the success you can handle…and more! You’ve earned it! Happy birthday, boss!

I know we never get a chance to ever say it but we think you're an amazing boss. Keep up the amazing work. Happy birthday! 

Wishing you a totally carefree, special day. Get out of here. Take a day-off! You deserve it. Happy birthday, boss!

Can your boss actually be offended by your message?
Yes! Here's why...

I just read an article on why many people get offended by the slightest sign of disrespect. Although this piece is not exactly about "offended bosses," it does give you insight into why your boss might feel slighted by an offhand remark.

Want to read this interesting piece? Click here to check out this Psychology Today article right now. 

Wishing the best boss all the best on what should be your best day, your special day, your birthday!

Have a wonderful birthday, boss! We think you’re a wonderful person, a wonderful mentor and a wonderful friend.

It’s rather unusual to have a great boss! I never thought it would happen to me. But it has…with you! Happy birthday, boss!

Personalized Birthday Wishes - Milestone Birthday Messages

Message Guy Tip #35:
The best kind of funny boss birthday wishes 

It's also okay to be a little funny
with your boss on his or her birthday.
Want to see funny boss birthday wishes?
See some hilarious (appropriately hilarious,
since you don't want to offend your boss)
birthday messages! Read more ►

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