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Sentimental Birthday Wishes

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Choosing the right sentimental birthday wishes can be difficult. Don’t worry. With our wide choice of writer-approved birthday messages below, it’s easy. Just pick the one that helps you best express yourself.

Sentimental Birthday Wish Tips...

Sentimental birthday wishes are usually a safe bet. On the plus side, they can fully express your feelings for the birthday boy or girl, making him or her feel special and loved. On the negative side, they may not be to everyone’s taste. They can even make some people uncomfortable.

Choose this route if the recipient likes heartfelt messages, starting with the options below.  If not, stick with a “happy” wish, even a funny one.

You're growing up so fast. Happy <**st, nd, rd, th> birthday, big <boy, girl>.

Happy birthday to a super special
** year old.

You’ve grown up so much already, my little one. Happy birthday!

You have spent
** beautiful years on earth. I know you are going to be very special someone and will change our world along with your friends. Happy birthday to you!

On this special occasion, I pray you have a very successful future. Happy
**th birthday!

Now that childhood is behind you, it’s time to put your childhood things away! Teenage years, here you come! Happy 13th birthday.

Hoping all your dreams come true and you have so many incredible and memorable experiences...on your birthday and every day! Happy **th birthday!

May your **th birthday be full of smiles, giggles, happy thoughts, birthday gifts and big wishes. That’s what I wish for you! Happy **th birthday!

May <age> bring you the best life has to offer. May all your dreams come true. May you have the strength to accomplish anything. Most of all, may <age> bring you joy and hope! Happy **th birthday!

Top of Sentimental Birthday Wishes

Wishing you a life full of wonder, excitement, friendships and good luck. That's what we wish for you on this special day! Happy **th birthday!

You're only <age> once, so enjoy it while it lasts. Happy **th birthday!

Wishing you a life full of happiness and success on your **th birthday. You truly deserve the best. Happy birthday! 

The best years of life are yet to come. Happy **th birthday!

Everything I know I learned after I was <age>. Here’s to your newfound wisdom. Happy **th birthday!

Wishing you a very warm welcome to middle age. Happy **th birthday!

Welcome to a new and exciting chapter in your life. Happy **th birthday! 

May all your dreams come true. Have a wonderful birthday! 

Wishing you the most spectacular day for your **th birthday.

Personalized Birthday Wishes - Milestone Birthday Messages

You're not ** years old — you're ** years wise. Happy **th birthday!

The more you age, the more valuable you become. I think you’re priceless. Happy **th birthday!

You’ve seen or experienced so many wonderful things all these years. Hope you keep doing the same. Happy **th birthday!

Every wrinkle has its story. You must have many stories to tell. Hope your **th birthday is filled with a lot of happy stories! 

Have the most incredible birthday you ever, because you are an incredible ** year-old. Happy **th!

I'm wishing you a great **th full of wonder and excitement. Have fun with the next decade.

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