13th Birthday Wishes

Kids new to the teens can be grumpy. Great 13th birthday wishes can make even the grumpiest 13-year-old girls or boys feel amazing on their special day. Don't know where to start? For ideas, check out the 60+ examples of 13th birthday messages here.

By Kevin Nishmas
Updated: January 5, 2024

Happy 13th birthday! It’s time to take your medicine! You are a teenager today, so you're ready for a major dose of adolescence.

Happy birthday! You only get to turn 13 years old once, so you should have the greatest and grandest celebration ever!

Happy 13th birthday! Welcome to the teens. It's going to be a bumpy, yet exciting ride you'll never forget or regret (well, maybe you'll regret a few things you're about to do).

Happy 13th birthday! There's no denying it! You're a teenager now, so you are ready for the most important thing in life: a smartphone.

Happy 13th birthday! It's time to face the music...and be a Belieber!

Happy 13th birthday! Happy coming of age. Not.

One of My Favorite 13th Birthday Wishes

The wish below hits upon a few important facts of life for teens, making it one of my top picks. For me, it speaks the truth about being a teenager, yet it's fun enough to make many of the potholes that adolescence brings humorous.

This is not a bad way to introduce the soon-to-be 13 year old in your life ready for the teenage years.

Happy 13th birthday! You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of acne and anxiety but of voice change—a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of puppy love. Your next stop: The Adolescence Zone.

Happy 13th birthday! Today, you are officially an adolescent, with all the privileges and responsibilities that come with it. That could only mean one thing: it's your turn to take out the trash. 

I can't believe that you're already 13 years old and a full-fledged adolescent. You have so much to look forward to. Being a teenager rocks! Happy 13th birthday!

Wow, you're 13 years old. Everything they say about this age is true. Enjoy every acne-filled, grounded moment of it. Happy 13th birthday!

Happy 13th birthday! Did you know that the number "13" is a so-called "happy number". May every day as a 13 year old be filled with more happiness than you can take. 

Turning 13 years old and becoming a teenager are one of the few times in life when really BIG changes happen to you. Enjoy the adventure that awaits you. Happy 13th birthday! 

So much has been said (and most of it bad) about reaching the age of 13 and metamorphosing into a, gulp, teenager. Don't listen to that talk. Turning 13 is wonderful. Being a teenager sucks! Happy 13th birthday!

13th Birthday Wishes - Birthday Messages for 13 Year Olds

Happy birthday! You're finally 13...and you know what that means! Yes, you're getting more and more beautiful every day!

Happy 13th birthday to a girl who will out-teenage the "teenagest" of teenagers.

Hope your 13th birthday is as wonderful as you are...and that's more wonderful than anything or anyone in the world!

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Congratulations on officially becoming a teenager (or, as it's otherwise known to your parents, the blunder, drunker and wonder years).

Happy birthday to my favorite 13 year old! May your teenage years be everything you expect them to be...and much less painful than they will actually be! 

Happy 13th birthday! Now that you've entered the wonderful world of adolescence, you're ready for you-know-what (that subject nobody likes to discuss in public)... acne!

This is the first year of seven as a teenager. I hope it's as wondrous as you want it to be.  Happy 13th birthday!

Happy 13th birthday! Yahoo, you’re a teenager now. This means you have permission to irritate your parents to no end. 

Happy birthday to the coolest and funniest teen this side of adolescence.

Happy 13th birthday! Welcome to a brand new chapter in your life...the teenage years. These will be the most wonderfully 
adventurous years of your lifetime. 

Jump for joy, laugh it up, shout it out loud and let the party begin. You’re a teenager now! Happy 13th birthday!

Happy 13th birthday! Regardless of your age, you will be our little bundle of love forever. We adore you.

Happy 13th birthday to a person who was once a cute child and is now a beautiful teenager (yes, you can be beautiful and a teenager at the same time).

Happy 13th birthday! You are a teenager now — the adventure of your lifetime is just beginning! Now everything’s going to be cool, fun and edgy!

There's nothing better than turning 13 and finding out that the teenage years are not so bad after all. Happy 13th birthday!

Happy 13th birthday! Welcome to adolescence, a world filled with strange creatures...other teenagers. But we think you will survive the terror. You are no ordinary teenager — you are special!

Have a wonderful 13th birthday! May you always get what you want out of life! Most of all, may you get happiness and love from all! 

Happy birthday! May your 13th birthday be unique and memorable...just like you! 

13th Birthday Wishes - Birthday Messages for 13 Year Olds

Hoping your 13th birthday is as special as you are! May everyone around you fill this special day with love and laughter. 

Happy birthday to a wonderful 13 year old. Welcome to your teens! It will be an exciting experience — and we will be here to guide you through it, every step of the way. 

Wish for what you want out of your life and you will get it because I have sent your wishes to the big guy upstairs (you know, your father)! Happy 13th birthday!

May you never forget your 13th birthday! May it be memorably wonderful! Wishing a very happy birthday. 

Wishing you an extremely cool and wonderful 13th birthday! 

Happy 13th birthday to the greatest teenager in this world, in this galaxy, in this universe! You are truly a unique 13-year-old. 

Happy 13th birthday! May your special day be full of fun and may you grow up to be a wonderful human being, because we (the world) need more heroes! 

Happy 13th birthday! Welcome to adolescence. Only teenagers are allowed into this special realm. Have lots of fun while you're there. 

Happy 13th birthday! You will make a super teenager! May all your wishes be fulfilled in a super way!

Happy 13th birthday! Now that you're a teenager, you're about to find out something that will make you sad and happy at the same time: your parents are not cool at all (they only think they are). 

Happy 13th birthday! Cringing whenever your parents say anything about you to your friends is one of the worst things you must endure as a teenager. A close second: whenever your parents say anything.

Happy 13th birthday! You do realize you're only one day older than you were yesterday? But what a day. In the last 24 hours, you've crossed over into the mysterious world of teenagers. BEWARE!

Happy 13th birthday. Despite what you've been told about the teens, try to enjoy every moment, starting with this special day of yours, so you won't have to look back years from now and kick yourself for wasting this precious time.

Happy 13th birthday! I wish you joy every day of your life, starting today, your special day!

Happy 13th birthday! I never thought teenagers could be so wonderful. I still don't think so, but you're wonderful. That's what makes you one-of-a-kind.

Happy 13th birthday! May your teenage years and the decades ahead be as special and unforgettable as you are to me.

Happy 13th birthday! May you always have the wisdom to know the difference between right and wrong! If not, you’ll be grounded if we ever find out you did something wrong!

Happy 13th birthday! You’re a teenager now — the best and worst years of your life are just around the corner!

13th Birthday Wishes - Birthday Messages for Teenagers

Happy 13th birthday! You’re no longer a little boy — you're a goofy teenager.

Happy 13th birthday! You're no longer a little girl — you're a teenager who is FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW (OMG)!

Happy 13th birthday! Welcome to the teens. Hope for the best and expect the worst! Both are about to happen to you.

Happy 13th birthday to a girl who agrees with everything her parents tell her but does what she wants anyhow. In other words, a teenager!

Have an amazing 13th birthday. May all your dreams come true (or at least the ones your parents agree to buy you). 

Wishing you a fun and incredible 13th birthday!

Happy 13th birthday to the most (and probably the only) wonderful teenager in the world!

Happy 13th birthday to a super teenager (there aren't many of you around, so we think you’re priceless)!

Happy 13th birthday! Cool teenagers don’t come any cooler than you. You’re so cool that I wish I was a teenager again, just to hang out with you.

Hints & Tips

13th Birthday Wishes - Birthday Messages for 13 Year Olds

How do I create unique 13th birthday wishes?

What you choose as a 13th birthday message matters. 13 is a major milestone birthday. 

For boys and girls, turning 13 signifies the beginning of the teen years...and all the wonderful things that come with it, like angst, insecurities, attitude, exploration, you name it.

Empathizing with the 13-year-old boys and girls of today, you should try to bring comforting, uplifting feelings to any newly minted teenager who receives a birthday message from you..

So be careful when you're writing your 13th birthday wishes. How should you proceed? Short version: you can be funny or serious, depending on the teen's personality.

Long version:

  • Take the "funny" or "happy" route with your 13th birthday wishes if the teen has a sense of humor and is an extrovert. 
  • Be serious — using a philosophical, inspirational, sentimental, clever or cool tone — if the birthday boy or girl is an introvert and overly sensitive by nature.

Either way, you should draft 13th birthday wishes that or begin with a compliment. Sincere praise is always a big "plus" when you're dealing with teenagers, especially when they're just entering the weird, wild, wonderful world of adolescence.

I can assure you that any compliment you include in your birthday greeting will be appreciated, even if the 13 year old birthday boy or girl, in response to your message, grimaces in mock disgust.

Ultimately, what actually makes great birthday greetings for a 13 year old have such incredible healing powers? Empathy.

In other words, go back to the time you were turning 13 and try to remember what made you feel rotten and, in turn, what made you feel better. And go from there.

Just how hard can turning 13 years old be? See all the big changes the average teen endures. Then, guide yourself accordingly when you write your 13th birthday wishes.

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