7th Birthday Wishes

The best 7th birthday wishes, like the birthday messages here, can make 7-year-old boys and girls feel as special as they deserve to feel on their birthday — and as special as you want them to feel.

Either way, you're going to need the right 7th birthday messages to make your 7-year-old birthday boy or girl stop for a second and actually read the eCard, card or Facebook post from you.

To help make picking the right 7th birthday greeting easier for you, every single message below comes with all the right ingredients, from a silly sense of humor to a rose-colored view of life. It's all here, in varying degrees, for you to choose from. 

How to choose 7th birthday wishes

7th Birthday Wishes - Birthday Messages for 7 Year Olds

Selecting 7th birthday messages is a lot like choosing a toy for a 7-year old—it takes knowing what your average 7 year old thinks about and feels.

In other words, selecting the right birthday greetings for this age comes down to getting a little familiar with the social and emotional milestones for 7-year-old boys and girls.

According to an article called Developmental milestones: Your 7-year-old child, 7 year olds have these social and emotional milestones in common...

  • "desires to be perfect and is quite self-critical (worries more, so may have low self-confidence)," so sentimental birthday greetings that compliment the birthday boy or girl will likely make him or her feel amazing (not a bad gift of love)
  • "starts to feel guilt and shame," so be careful with the funny birthday messages you choose for 7 year olds (they don't fully understand irony, sarcasm or satire, so they may take the joke the wrong way)
  • "takes direction well (and understands the difference between right and wrong)," so birthday wishes with inspirational and/or aspirational messages should make the birthday boy or girl feel special
  • "tends to complain (has strong emotional reactions)," so select 7th birthday wishes that are short and sweet (short to prevent complaints and sweet to prevent angry outbursts)
  • "avoids and withdraws from adults," so make sure that the birthday messages you choose are not too grownup in nature (and retain a sense of childlike wonder)

In other words, the birthday messages you pick should make the 7-year-old birthday girl or boy feel amazing and avoid adult themes. Right below, you'll find 7th birthday wishes that do exactly that.

Seven is already a lucky number. You make number 7 even luckier, because we`re so lucky to know you. Happy 7th birthday, sweetie!

You are the world`s greatest kid and seven makes you even seven times greater. Happy 7th birthday!

When you turn 7 years old , everything gets seven times better and you get seven times more super. Enjoy this year! Happy 7th birthday!

Message Guy Pick

The birthday wish below has a certain quality that your 7 year old won't notice but will have a profound impact on him or her anyway. What is it?

This 7th birthday wish cleverly uses the idea of friendship to show (rather than tell) 7-year-old birthday boys and girls that they are very special.

The message is easy for any 7 year old to understand and believe (if it's true). Needless to say, do not use this message if the birthday boy or girl is more of an introvert with a smaller circle of close friends.

I wonder how many friends you will have when you turn seventeen, since you have more friends than anyone I know, even at the age of seven. Happy 7th birthday!

7th Birthday Wishes - Birthday Messages for 7 Year Olds

Number 7 is considered a lucky number. May your 7th year bring you all the luck this world has to offer! Happy 7th birthday! 

May all your 7-year-old dreams come true soon! Happy 7th birthday!

We're in 7th heaven. That's because you're 7 years old today. Happy 7th birthday.

More examples to choose from!
Check out the 7th birthday wishes below!

Hey, you just turned 7. That makes you the boss of every kid younger than you! Be kind (most of the time). Happy 7th birthday!

Happy 7th birthday! 7 year olds rule, especially you.

Happy 7th birthday to the coolest 7-year-old kid anywhere! Now that's cool!

Now that you're 7, I have a little secret to tell you that only 7 year olds know. Being 7 is better than being 6. Have a great 7th birthday.

The number "7" is a very lucky number, so you will be the luckiest 7-year-old kid anywhere for the next 12 months. Happy 7th birthday!

Welcome to the "Seven" Club. Only 7 year olds are allowed to be members. You are exclusively invited to enjoy everything this club offers, starting with birthday gifts, cake and fun today!

7th Birthday Wishes - Birthday Messages for 7 Year Olds

Happy 7th birthday! Now you're a 7-year-old superstar and I'm your biggest fan!

At SEVEN, you become a Sensational, Exceptional, 
ValiantExtraordinary Ninja who's seven times cooler than everybody else! Happy 7th birthday!

Want to know my favorite day of the year. It's your birthday — because you're my favorite! Happy 7th birthday!

It's your 7th birthday — time for you to be in 7th heaven and have seven times more fun than any other day of year.

Happy 7th birthday! Wishing you a special day that's seven times better than the best birthday you've ever had.

There's something pretty amazing about your 7th birthday: you. Happy birthday, sweetie! 

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