80th Birthday Wishes & Quotes

Your 80th birthday wishes should honor your loved one's eight decades on this planet. Need inspiration to write 80th birthday wishes that truly celebrate this major milestone? Start with the 100+ examples on this page to create just the right 80th birthday greetings.


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80th Birthday Wishes
- Short & Sweet -

Wishing you an absolutely amazing 80th birthday (amazing just like you).

Happy 80th birthday! Wishing you a warm welcome to the new 60!

It only took you 80 years to look so good, so happy and so young. Happy 80th birthday!

Hope your 80th birthday is a wonderful celebration of the amazing you.

Happy 80th birthday. You don't look a day over your 70th birthday, let alone a decade.

Wishing you a happiness-packed 80th birthday!

Happy 80th birthday! Keep on flying high on the wings of your hopes and dreams!

Happy 80th birthday! You're the best example of 80 being the new 60.

Happy 80th birthday! May your big day be filled with hours and hours of joy.

Happy 80th birthday! May you celebrate many, many more big days for decades to come.

Hoping your 80th birthday is as incredibly special as you are to me.

Happy 80th birthday! Celebrating your big day is an honor and privilege for me.

Wishing you an 80th birthday as great as the best one you've ever had — multiplied by 1,000!

Happy 80th birthday! I hope your big day is not great. I hope it's epic.

Happy 80th birthday! Lots of love, joy and wonder on your big day. 

Happy 80th! Wishing you the happiest of birthdays and the healthiest of years!

Happy 80th birthday! May this big day bring you joy, health and wonderful memories!

Happy 80th birthday! This day's a major milestone, so enjoy every precious second of it!

80th Birthday Wishes
- Happy & Sentimental -

Happy birthday! Time definitely flies when you're having the time of your life. I bet you can't believe you're already 80. I definitely can't — you look and act so young for your age.

You look fabulous at 80. I just know you'll make the 80s look fabulous, too! Happy 80th birthday!

Wishing you all the best for your 80th birthday...and every day you continue to bless this planet.

Happy 80th birthday! When I look at you, I don’t see an 80 year old. I only see the gleam in your eyes — and the look of pure joy on your face.

May your 80th birthday be as unforgettable as your first kiss, your wedding day or the birth of your children and grandchildren (in other words, as unforgettable as you).

Happy 80th birthday! Hoping your second 40th birthday is just as exciting as your first 40th (minus the mid-life crisis, of course).

Wishing you an 80th birthday that makes every other special day you've ever celebrated pale in comparison. You certainly deserve it!

Happy birthday! At 80, you’re as wonderful as relaxing in a hammock to the sound of the ocean waves and breeze on a hot sunny Caribbean island — in the middle of winter.

Happy birthday! Your driver’s license must be wrong. You can’t possibly be 80. Maybe 40 years old with 40 years of experience (and that's pushing it)!

The advantage of being 80 is that you have so many people to love, who love you right back. Happy 80th birthday!

You've experienced so much after 80 years of living. Here’s to many more wonderful experiences. Happy 80th birthday!

Happy 80th birthday! When you look back at your 80 years of life, may your memories bring you the warmth of love, light and laughter.

Happy 80th birthday! When you look forward to the future, may you dream the dreams that move you...and each of your wishes come true.

I hope your 80th birthday is filled with love from family and friends, unforgettable moments, never-ending joy, and happy, happy memories.

I’m so lucky to have someone as special as you in my life.  On your 80th birthday,   I hope that you are blessed with love, health and happiness for many more years to come.

Happy 80th birthday! Hoping your big day is every bit as great as you deserve...and as you've been your whole life!

You’ve always done well, meant well and tried your best. That's a pretty good life, I'd say. Happy 80th birthday!

For your 80th birthday, you have all the love, gratitude and respect of everyone you know (so much so it could fill 10 football stadiums and then some). Happy birthday!

80th Birthday Wishes
- Inspirational -

Happy 80th birthday! You seem so young that I can honestly believe you're turning 20 for the fourth time.

When I turn 80 and, I hope, still chasing dreams and rainbows, I want to be just like you. Happy birthday to the youngest 80 year old at heart.

Happy 80th birthday to my bottomless fountain of youth. When I'm with you, I can't help but feel the joy of my younger years.

Happy 80th birthday! To the world, you may be 80 years old. To me, you're eight decades young.

Wishing you "Happy 80th birthday" seems so wrong to me — since you're as timelessly beautiful as a flawless diamond. Have a very special day!

Happy 80th birthday. Still, after 80 years, you have the heart and soul of a lion with a face that could charm a pack of wolves.

Happy birthday! Blowing out 80 birthday candles at your age is as hard as running a marathon. Knowing you, you'll set a new world record for blowing them out, running circles around us all.

The older you get, the more precious you get. At 80, you’ve become more precious than all the gold in the world to everyone who knows and loves you. Happy 80th birthday!

Happy birthday to an 80 year old who truly defines what it means to age gracefully — and beautifully!

Happy 80th birthday! If I'm as amazing as you are when I'm your age (heck, even if I'm half as amazing), that would be well, amazing.

Happy 80th birthday! You're an inspiration for all of us. You feel as alive and vibrant as you did in your youth. We're so blessed to know you.

Happy 80th birthday! You have a heart of gold a mind like a steel trap. I hope I'm just like you when I grow up.

Happy 80th birthday! You've been so warm, loving and kind to everybody all your live.  I hope your memories warm your heart and fire up your soul for many birthdays to come.

You, like the wisest of people, count your days by smiles and count your age by friends.  Keep on keeping on! Happy 80th birthday!

Happy 80th birthday! Age is just a value.  The higher the age, the higher the value.

I hope your 80th birthday is full of sunshine and rainbows, love and laughter.  You deserve the best day ever!

May everything happy and everything bright be yours on your birthday from morning to night.  Enjoy your 80th!

You’ve gathered 80 years of fabulous memories.  I hope today is a day full of new fun and surprises.

80th Birthday Wishes - Birthday Messages for 80 Year Olds

You’ve always been a blessing, sharing every life lesson with me to make mine even more amazing. Happy 80th birthday!

You’ve been here, there and everywhere, done this and that, living life to the fullest...to the beat of your own heart. You inspire me. Happy 80th birthday!

Happy 80th birthday! You’ve been around long enough to see all the greats -- Sinatra, Elvis, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana -- but nobody is as great as you are.

80th Birthday Wishes
- For Friend -

Happy 80th birthday! You're my best friend! Here’s to living and laughing more together for many more birthdays!

Happy 80th birthday!  Don’t complain about getting older. Think of it as all the years we've gotten to be the best of friends through the best of times.

Happy 80th birthday to my old friend who will always be forever young in my eyes.

From one old fart to an old fogey, happy 80th birthday! Although neither of us can do what we used to do, I hope we have lots more time to do whatever (together as BFFs).

You've been there for me through the good, bad and ugly times. As long as we live, I'll be there for you anytime. Happy 80th birthday, pal!

Throughout our lives, through every precious moment we've shared, we've seen the laughter, tears, blues, rage and goosebumps two friends could ever see. Happy 80th birthday!

You’ve lived a beautiful, long life. Thanks for taking me along on the journey. I think we still have more miles in us. Let's ride!

It’s your 80th birthday, pop the champagne, uncork your finest, let's drink to you. You deserve it. Happy 80th birthday!

Happy 80th birthday! Here’s to 24 hours of celebrating the finest friend I've ever had!

Happy 80th birthday to my dearest friend who will be forever young, forever inspiring.

Happy 80th birthday! As you start another wonderful 360-day journey around the sun this year, just know I'll be there for you every step of the way.

Happy 80th birthday! Here’s to another amazing year of joy and incredible friendship. Thanks for being my friend all these years!

Happy birthday to a very special friend. Pals like you only come around every 80 years. You're the best.

Happy 80th birthday! Your 80 birthday candles may burn bright, but you burn brighter than any other friend I have.

Happy 80th birthday! Thanks for being there for me all this time, being your amazing self, so I could be amazing. You're one of a kind.

80th Birthday Wishes - Birthday Messages for 80 Year Olds

Happy 80th birthday! Hoping your birthday is as special as you are as my friend.

Happy 80th birthday! I should have known that you would ultimately age like a fine wine (because you're the finest person and friend I know).

Here's to the happiest of days for the finest of friends. Happy 80th birthday!

80th Birthday Wishes
- Funny -

So what if you're 80 now! It could be much worse. If you were a dog, you would be 560 years old today! Happy 80th birthday!

Happy 80th birthday! You don't look a day over 79. Maybe two or three days. A week at the most.

Happy 80th birthday to a person who absolutely refuses to follow the aging rules...and, come to think of it, every other rule!

Happy 80th birthday! Thank goodness you don’t have to blow out all 80 candles of you. We could be here all day.

Happy birthday! Now that you're 80 years old, you've learned all the lessons that life has to offer. Now all you have to do is figure out how to get to the bathroom in time.

Happy birthday! You're finally 80, so it's only fair to give you the respect and consideration you deserve at your age. Regrettably, life has never been very fair.

Happy birthday! You're only as old as you feel. If you don't feel like telling anyone that you’re 80, pick the age that feels right to you!

Happy 80th birthday! Fortunately for you, the vintage look is back in style.

Everybody gets one turn at being young. It's no longer your turn!

Happy 80th birthday! You’re not old. You're ancient.

In the last 80 years, life has taught you hundreds of lessons. Now if you could just remember even one of them.

Take your 80th birthday with a grain of salt (and tequila). Works for me.

Happy 80th birthday! Don’t worry, you still got it. Whatever "it" is, I don't remember. Do you?

Happy 80th birthday! You may still be playing with a full deck, even if your mind gets a little shuffled now and then.

You’ll never get old as long as your mind, body and spirit stay young at heart. In other words, you’re old!

Happy 80th birthday! At your age, you’re as old as you feel. That doesn't mean you should go around feeling young people.

Happy 80th birthday! You’re only as old as you remember!

Happy 80th birthday! Don't believe what you hear: you can teach an old dog new tricks. At your age, you'll quickly learn how to cough, sneeze, laugh, fart and pee, all at the same time.

80th Birthday Wishes
- Birthday Quotes -

"Gray hair is the glory of a long life."

- Lailah Gifty Akita

"One of the many pleasures of old age is giving things up." 

- Malcolm Muggeridge

"We are always the same age inside." 

- Gertrude Stein

"Those who love deeply never grow old; they may die of old age, but they die young."

- Dorothy Canfield Fisher

"The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm." 

- Aldous Huxley

"The best tunes are played on the oldest fiddles!" 

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"When we were small children, we all played dress-up and everybody had a good time. So why stop?" 

- Iris Apfel

"One day you will look back and see that all along you were blooming." 

- Morgan Harper Nichols

"Getting old is like climbing a mountain; you get a little out of breath, but the view is much better!" 

- Ingrid Bergman

"Cherish all your happy moments; they make a fine cushion for old age." 

- Booth Tarkington

"The idea is to die young as late as possible."

- Ashley Montagu

"It matters not how long we live but how." 

- Philip James Bailey

"Let us never know what old age is. Let us know the happiness time brings, not count the years." 

- Ausonius

"Above all, never let age extinguish the fire of your inner child." 

- S. Ajna.

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself." 

- Coco Chanel

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving."

- Albert Einstein

"For age is opportunity no less than youth itself, though in another dress, And as the evening twilight fades away The sky is filled with stars, invisible by day."

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"There is a beautiful thing inside you that is thousands of years old. Too old to be captured in poems. Too old to be loved by everyone. But loved so very deeply by a chosen few."

- Nikita Gill

"Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old." 

- Franz Kafka

"Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever." 

- Walt Disney

"Nothing can dim the light that shines from within."

- Maya Angelou

Hints & Tips

80th Birthday Wishes - Birthday Messages for 80 Year Olds

What are the best 80th birthday wishes?

A major part of any 80th birthday celebration are, of course, the 80th birthday wishes you choose to give your loved one.

Creating just the right 80th birthday wishes can be a hit-or-miss affair, since the ultimate result depends so heavily on the personality and outlook of the birthday guy or birthday gal.

Good or bad, 80 is a major milestone birthday.

For some 80 year olds, every ache is cause for concern. For others, there is only contentment. Depending on the outlook of the birthday boy or girl, what type of 80th birthday wishes should you choose? It depends... 

Some 80 year olds see the glass half-empty and some half-full. The best 80th birthday wishes to write depends on how the birthday boy or girl sees life.

For "glass half-empty" octogenarians (people in their eighties), a little bit of cynicism can go a long way. 

For this type of 80 year old, you need to be selective when it comes to the 80th birthday wishes you choose to send. 

A "happy" or "sentimental" message would just seem phony to "glass half-empty" octogenarians and are likely to make them cringe. 

An "inspirational" message, though lower on the cringe scale, would probably come off as too preachy for this group. 

The best type of 80th birthday wishes would be "funny," "cool" or "clever" ones, mainly because they are a little more realistic in nature and have just the right degree of cynicism. 

The "glass half-full" crowd is easier to please.

Any type of 80th birthday wishes (happy, sentimental, inspirational, funny, cool or clever) would work for them, as long as it has an upbeat birthday message.

The best out of the whole lot would be inspirational 80th birthday wishes, since they come closest to their positive outlook on life.

For the "half-full" crowd, there are many inspiring articles that may give you food for thought, especially if you want to add a personal thought or two to one of your 80th birthday wishes. The best piece I've read appeared on irishexaminer.com in November 2014, called 80 is the new 50. If you have a minute or so, read this article right now

If you can't decide whether the special octogenarian in your life is the glass half-empty or half-full type...

Here, the safest route to take are “happy” 80th birthday wishes. Should you be philosophical or inspirational? Sure but not too much because you never know how cynical the recipient may be in private. Funny? Only if the birthday girl or boy can take an age-related joke at their expense.

80th Birthday Wishes - Birthday Messages for 80 Year Olds





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