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90th Birthday Wishes

Perfect 90th birthday wishes pay homage to birthday girls and boys who have the privilege of reaching a very important milestone: 90 years old. How? With the right blend of reverence, awe, tact and, of course, love. Just like the birthday messages here.

Of course, if the birthday honoree isn't very much into tributes, you may want to choose 90th birthday greetings that simply put a smile on his or her face.

If humor is the route you want to take, steer away from birthday messages with age-related jokes (they're just too cliché, especially for a 90 year old who has heard them all). Try to find birthday verses with just enough whimsy to tickle the funny bone of your loved one.

Thank you for being the glue that has kept our family bonds intact all these years. Happy 90th birthday!

Let's celebrate your 90 beautiful years of courage, kindness, laughter and love every minute of your special day. Happy 90th birthday!

Happy 90th birthday! This is an extraordinary day for you and everyone who loves you. That's because we think you're extraordinary. You're in a league all your own — a league of extraordinary people.

Thank you for giving new meaning to aging gracefully. You've made it look so easy, so wonderful, so full of life. May your 90th birthday be just as meaningful.

There's only one way to celebrate the 90th birthday of someone like you: beautifully, truthfully, generously, gloriously and lovingly.

Happy 90th birthday! May every one of the 90 candles on your birthday cake light a fire in your heart and soul for the rest of your life.

Happy 90th birthday! You've traveled an incredible distance...incredibly!

Happy birthday! As you celebrate your 90th, may you be blessed with everything in life that brings you the joy and peace you so deserve.

Happy 90th birthday! You have more than 90 amazing years of life to celebrate — you have all the amazing life in your 90 years.

Birthday Wishes for 90 Years Old
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Hoping your 90th birthday turns out to be only the second-biggest milestone in your life — because you still have 100 to conquer!

Wishing an extraordinary individual an even more extraordinary 90th birthday.

There's nothing about turning 90 that's old — since you make everything feel like new. Happy 90th birthday!

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There's so much I want to say to you on your 90th birthday that I've either forgotten to tell you or never thought to share with you. I want to tell you that you're my beacon of light, my sea of inspiration, my island of calm, my anchor, my compass, my wave of life. In other words, I love you. Happy birthday!

Top of 90th Birthday Wishes

90 is tremendous because you're tremendous. Happy 90th birthday!

Happy 90th birthday to a heart so young and a soul so free.

Happy 90th! Your age does not define you. You define your age. That's why you're the definition of fabulous!

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