9th Birthday Wishes

Turning 9 years old is great. When you give a 9-year-old birthday boy or girl 9th birthday wishes with the whole nine yards, like the 9th birthday messages here, you can make his or her birthday even greater.

What's the whole nine yards? 9th birthday greetings with a little bit of everything in them: humor, sentimentality, inspiration, joy, whatever it takes to make the 9th birthdays of kids everywhere super special. 

To pick the right birthday message for the 9-year-old birthday girl or boy in your life, check out Message Guy Tip #91 (just below) before you look at all the different greetings I've written here. This way, you're sure to find a winner of a birthday wish. 

How to select 9th birthday wishes

9th Birthday Wishes: Birthday Messages for 9 Year Olds

If you're wondering what type of 9th birthday messages you should choose, you may want to start thinking about more mature choices. By "more mature" I mean you should choose birthday greetings that are halfway between childish and adolescent.

Why the change in maturity level? Well, most 9 year olds have entered the world of "tweeners" (primarily children aged 9 to 12 who fall somewhere between "little kid" and "teenager"), reaching a new emotional and social plateau in the process.

This drastic shift in mindset, which has a significant impact on the type of 9th birthday wishes you should send 9-year-old birthday boys and girls, stems from the social and emotional milestones they achieve at this age.

According to a webmd.com article entitled Milestones for 9 Year Olds, kids this age tend to experience the following milestones (each of which point to a different type of birthday message)...

  • "have solid friendships, are curious about relationships between boys and girls and have a strong desire to fit in," so a happy or sentimental birthday greeting from a friend or relative (plus Mom and Dad, of course) that shows how likable the 9-year-old birthday boy or girl is would work wonders
  • "have gained a strong sense of empathy (and are sensitive to the feelings of others)," so a sentimental birthday wish that commends them for their kindness would be appreciated by any 9 year old
  • "have overcome most fears that were common in earlier childhood (but they often start having more anxiety from common stressful situations)," so an inspirational birthday verse that pays tribute to their newfound courage and encourages them to be their best and follow their bliss would be welcome by tweeners at 9
  • "have more stable emotions than in the previous year (can control their anger most of the time)," so a happy or sentimental birthday message that praises their new emotional maturity would be ideal
  • "still need and want the security of their relationship with their parents (and are greatly influenced by their parents' example)," so sentimental-inspirational birthday wish that shows how much you care about your son or daughter, how proud you are of him or her and what you think he or she can accomplish in the future is the best route parents can take

In other words, the 9th birthday wishes you select should be less babyish than the kind you've used in the past, showing the 9-year-old birthday boy or girl that you applaud (and support) their emotional and social development.

Wishing you a 9th birthday with the whole nine yards...pizza, cake, ice cream, balloons and lots of friends to share all the food and fun.

Give us your BIG birthday smile and let’s have fun! You’re now 9 and this doesn't happen all the time! Happy 9th birthday!

Happy 9th birthday! Hope you have a wonderfully special day and year on Cloud 9 years old! 

Message Guy Pick

Some birthday wishes have a very clever way of helping a young mind put age in perspective. The one right below is clever in this way. How?

By using the "headstand" analogy, this birthday message lets the 9-year-old birthday boy or girl look at age in a different way and, ultimately, shows that age is only a number.

9 is 6 turned upside down! Whenever you feel old, do a headstand and turn everything upside down, even your age! Happy 9th birthday!

9th Birthday Wishes - Birthday Messages for 9 Year Olds

Turning 9 makes you so much cooler — at least nine times cooler! Happy 9th birthday!

When you turn NINE, you're Nifty, Intelligent, Nice and Extraordinary. That’s so you. Happy 9th birthday!

Happy 9th birthday! This year, you have nine candles on your birthday cake, so you have nine birthday wishes! Hope all of them come true before you blow out the last candle.

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Happy 9th birthday! May you always find joy in the little things life has to offer, the way you do now.

Hey, this is your last single-digit birthday. You are getting so grown up — not only in age, but also in the way you act. I'm so proud of you. Happy 9th birthday!

Happy 9th birthday! You're a better BFF than the best friend I ever imagined. Thanks for being mine!

9th Birthday Wishes - Birthday Messages for 9 Year Olds

Happy 9th birthday! I would like to be the first to congratulate the leader of our country...in the year 2050! You'll definitely get my vote.

Happy 9th birthday! May you always find joy in the little things life has to offer...the way you do now.

May you always feel free to rock your own style, because that's what makes you (and everybody who truly loves you) happy.

Happy 9th birthday! May you always have the amazing courage you possess today to face tomorrow's fears.

Happy 9th birthday! Now you're old enough to do chores and be paid for it. Just kidding — you'll be doing it for free.  

Happy 9th birthday, my precious 9 year old. I'm incredibly proud of the way you smile, laugh, giggle, sing, hum, hug, share and love. 

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