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Brother Birthday Wishes

Brothers come in all shapes and sizes. So do brother birthday wishes, which can be heartwarming, inspiring, happy-go-lucky, funny, whatever. Here are all kinds of birthday messages for brothers. The best kinds.

What makes brother birthday messages the best? It's what makes your brother one of the best men you know: the love, caring, support, wisdom, consideration and joy he gives you unconditionally. Not even your best friend can make that claim.

Find a birthday wish below that comes closest to how you feel about your brother and how much he has given you as one of your best friends for life, come hell or high water.

Yes, you’re my brother. But that’s not how I look at you. To me, you’re my best friend, someone who always knows how to tell me everything is okay. Happy birthday!

At your age, every day can be as exciting as today, your special day. These are exciting times for you. I’m so glad for you, bro. Have the happiest of birthdays!

I don’t get a chance to see you every day, but I wish I could — you always make everything brighter, better. Happy birthday to the light of my life.

When everybody else couldn't or wouldn't be there for me, you were there. When everybody else couldn't or wouldn't listen to my troubles, you listened. When everybody else couldn't or wouldn't stand up for me, you stood tall and firm. You're like nobody else and I love you for it. Happy birthday!

With you, I don't need a best friend forever. That's because my BFF is you, bro. I can't think of anyone I trust more with my life and my time. Happy birthday!

As your sister, your birthday is special to me. It’s the day you came to be my brother. It’s the day I learned what “boys will be boys” meant. You’re all babies, all the time. But you’re my favorite baby. Happy birthday, baby brother!

When you blow out the candles on your birthday cake, remember to make a wish. I have a feeling it will come true this year, especially if you wish for more love. Happy birthday, bro!

You already have the best things in life in the palms of your hands...this message right this second, maybe a birthday drink or two later on and everyone’s love and respect always. Happy birthday, bro!

For you, brother, I wish only joy, prosperity and peace of mind on your birthday and the rest of your days.

Happy birthday, big brother! Birthday wishes for brothers

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If I had to choose a brother, I would have chosen you! I’m so glad you’re in my life. Happy birthday!

I don’t have one bad childhood memory that makes me sorry you’re my brother. When I look back, I can only smile over and over again. You’re the source of all my smiles. Happy birthday, bro!

On your birthday and every day,  dear brother, I wish you all the luck in the world, the strength of your convictions and the undying love of family and friends. With these wishes, you can’t ever go wrong in life.

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Happy birthday to the best man in my life…my brother! You, bro!

It must be luck that I can depend on someone as caring and upbeat as you...and you're my very own brother. Happy birthday!

Thank you for every great memory we have together. Happy birthday, dear brother!

It may be a little bit awkward for you that, once a year, on your birthday, everybody who loves you tells you just how much. We only do it because, well, we love you…and it’s the only time you let us do it. Happy birthday! I love you, bro!

Bro, you’re one of a kind. Thank goodness…I couldn’t take even two of you. Happy birthday, my favorite (and only) brother.

Brother birthday wishes are usually hard to do, but not when it comes to you. You make everything easy. Happy birthday to my favorite person in the world!

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