Client Birthday Wishes

Writing client birthday wishes can be tricky. Need ideas? For inspiration, check out 100+ examples of birthday wishes for every type of client and customer here.

By Kevin Nishmas
Updated: January 20, 2024

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Every birthday greeting on this page offers you a way to thank your clients and build stronger relationships with them. Need a specific type of birthday message for your client? Jump to the section of birthday wishes that comes closest to what you need.

Client Birthday Wishes
- Friendly -

Happy birthday to the greatest client this world and our company have ever known.

Happy birthday! We hope your special day is as wonderful as your repeat business.

My business is booming because of clients like you. I hope your birthday is as much a success for you.

Client Birthday Wishes: Birthday Messages for Clients

I like to show I appreciate your kindness and support every day — doubly so on your birthday. Have a truly special day.

It’s great to work with someone as honorable as you. It's even greater to honor you on your birthday. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the world's happiest client. Whatever comes your way, you always have a big smile on your face. That's really something.

Client Birthday Wishes: 100 Birthday Messages for Clients

A great customer is someone just like you. Thank you for the support and, most of all, happy birthday!

You're more than a client to me. You're one of my best friends. Happy birthday, BFF.

You're much more than a customer to us. You're a friend and role model. We wish you the happiest of birthdays.

Client Birthday Wishes: Birthday Messages for Clients

May your birthday be as great as your role in our success.

It takes incredible customers like you to build a successful business. It takes special people like you to make it all worthwhile. Have a wonderful birthday.

It’s with great fondness that we wish you the best birthday ever.

Client Birthday Wishes: Birthday Messages for Clients

What makes a great client? All the qualities you have. Happy birthday to this planet's most wonderful client.

You're the best customer any business could hope to find and keep. You make it so easy and fun. Hope your birthday is just as enjoyable.

Since you walked through our doorway, you've been the best of customers and we've been the best of friends. We hope you have the best of birthdays.

Client Birthday Wishes: Birthday Messages for Clients

Happy birthday to my favorite customer — not because you give me the most business, but because you're the most fun to work with.

You've been a client of mine for so long — through thick and thin. Thank you and, most importantly, happy birthday! You deserve 24 hours of immense joy and gratitude.

Happy birthday! You've made my business and life so much better. If your birthday adds up to only a fraction of what you've given us, you're in for an amazing birthday.

Client Birthday Wishes: Birthday Messages for Clients

We just want to say "thank you" and "happy birthday" from the bottom of our hearts. You’re the best customer we could ever ask for.

Out of all our clients, you really take the cake! You make a big difference to our lives! We hope your birthday makes a wonderful difference in your life!

Happy birthday! You’re the perfect example of what every client ought to be!

I appreciate your business and friendship very much. May all your birthdays find you happy, healthy and prosperous, starting with this one.

I just wanted you to know that clients like you don't come around every day. Happy birthday!

It's a pleasure and honor to wish you, our favorite customer, the happiest of birthdays!

Have a wonderful birthday! It’s my pleasure to wish my Client of the Year (you) the best day of the year.

Because every client cannot be as kind and fair as you, we thought you deserved a happy, happy, happy, happy, happy birthday!

When it comes to clients, you beat all the rest! It's only right that your special day outshines all the rest. Happy birthday!

Client Birthday Wishes: Birthday Messages for Clients

When it comes to customers, you are, in the words of Tina Turner, simply the best. I hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are.

Happy birthday to a wonderful client who doesn't realize just how wonderful he is! You deserve the most wonderful birthday!

Clients as incredible as you are truly difficult to find. I hope your birthday is as uniquely incredible.

Client Birthday Wishes: Birthday Messages for Clients

I just want to tell you just how grateful I am that you keep coming back here. I wish you a wonderful beginning to even more wonderful year in your life! Happy birthday!

In all the time I've known you, it always been special to work closely with you. Hoping your birthday just as special.

Happy birthday to the greatest client who ever lived. Seriously.

Happy birthday to an extraordinary customer. May all your birthday wishes become extraordinarily true.

Working with you has always been an amazing experience. May your birthday only contain one amazing moment after another.

Wishing you an exciting birthday and continued success all year-round!

We at [company name] only have the best of birthday wishes for you on your special day. Happy birthday!

On behalf of the entire team, we'd like to wish you a very happy and healthy birthday.

Happy birthday. This year, there should really be five candles on your birthday cake: one for joy, one for wonder, one for serenity, one for success and, most importantly, one for health.

Client Birthday Wishes: Birthday Messages for Clients

We are so delighted that you're our partner in success. May all you want in life come to be, starting today (on your birthday). Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! Hoping we can continue to help you follow your dreams.

We only have the sincerest of wishes for your birthday. Wishing you all the joy that happiness, health and success can and every day.

Happy birthday! May today be a celebration that outshines all others.

We greatly appreciate your business and would like to wish you an incredibly happy birthday and a bright future!

Happy birthday! We wish you years of amazing personal and business opportunities, achievements and growth!

Client Birthday Wishes: Birthday Messages for Clients

We would like to wish you the BIGGEST "happy birthday" you will receive today — just to let you know how very much we appreciate your business.

Here's a BIG birthday wish from your weekday family — your [company name] family. Have a super day!

Hoping you have the best birthday this year. Stop by soon...we always like to see you.

Your birthday is the most important day of the year to us. Without you, we wouldn't have such an an amazing customer and friend like you. Happy birthday!

Enjoy every second of your birthday. Make it one for the books!

Try to take it a little easier today. It's your birthday, after all! Happy birthday!

Client Birthday Wishes: Birthday Messages for Clients

The whole team wants to wish you an amazingly, incredibly, extraordinarily happy birthday.

Happy birthday! I'm so delighted to be a part of your business family. I look forward to celebrating this birthday with you...and many more in the years ahead.

Happy birthday! You're my client but you're also my friend. Here’s to another amazing year of success and friendship.

Happy birthday from your friendly neighborhood supplier. Hoping your special day brings you much happiness.

Happy birthday. Through good and bad years, we've been partners in success and friendship. I’m so glad you are one of my best friends and my very best client. Here's to many more great years together as a team.

Happy birthday. Congratulations on another year of success and thanks for doing business with us.

Client Birthday Wishes: Birthday Messages for Clients

Happy birthday to a magnificent individual and even more magnificent entrepreneur. I hope to be on your team for many birthdays to come.

As you celebrate this birthday, keep in mind what makes you happy, healthy and wise...and I'll do my best to bring it all to you.

Happy birthday to a valued customer and cherished friend.

Client Birthday Wishes
- Formal -

With new or old clients, formal client birthday wishes are the right route to take when you do not have a close relationship with them. For inspiration, take a look at the examples below.

Happy birthday! May you only know an abundance of prosperity, health  and joy, today and all your tomorrow.

Wishing you the best-ever birthday celebration. May your special day be filled with all that you appreciate in life.

We at [company name] wish you the greatest of birthdays and success.

Client Birthday Wishes: Birthday Messages for Clients

Happy birthday! We hope that all your birthday wishes and business plans come to fruition in the days, months and years ahead.

Happy birthday from your friends and colleagues at [company name].

Happy birthday! We wish you the very best of success and health.

Happy birthday! We hope every day of the year will be as special as today is for you.

We at [company name] hope you have the happiest of birthdays.

Happy birthday! May the days, months and years ahead bring you only success and joy.

Client Birthday Wishes: Birthday Messages for Clients

For your birthday and every day, we at [company name] wish you success in every aspect of your life. Happy birthday!

The team at [company name] and I wish you a very, very happy birthday.

May your birthday celebration be filled with only happiness. Happy birthday!

May you create hours of unforgettable memories on your special day. Happy birthday!

We wish you the utmost peace, prosperity and luck, today and forever. Happy birthday!

Wishing you 24 hours of joy and a lifetime of happiness. Happy birthday!

We, your colleagues at [company name], hope you have an incredible birthday and an even more amazing year.

May you have a truly wonderful birthday with family and friends!

Happy birthday! May you be blessed with good fortune, good health and good times.

Client Birthday Wishes
- Inspirational -

Sometimes, a simple "Happy Birthday" or "Thank You" is not enough for longtime clients who have had a bad year, business-wise or personally. That's when inspirational client birthday wishes are the best option for you. Need ideas? As a starting point, check out the uplifting client birthday wishes below.

Happy birthday to the best client anyone could ever have. May your brightest ideas become a reality. 

Wishing you the very best birthday and the most successful year ever. I know you have what it takes.

Happy birthday! Working with you and your team has been the highlight of my career.

Client Birthday Wishes: Birthday Messages for Clients

It’s "Happy Birthday" time! Wishing you only the best of everything on your birthday and in the year ahead. 

Happy birthday! This is an excellent time for me to tell you how much I appreciate getting the chance to work with you. You make working fun!

You and I are a great team. Together, we are champions. Happy birthday, champ.

May your life be a series of fortunate events with countless happy birthdays, starting with this one. 

Happy birthday. May today bring you every bit of the happiness, health and prosperity you deserve.

Happy birthday! May your special day be the beginning of a year blessed with good fortune, good health and great joy.

Client Birthday Wishes: Birthday Messages for Clients

On behalf of our entire team, I wish you the happiest of birthdays. 

It’s a pleasure doing business with you! I hope your birthday is filled with everything that gives you pleasure.

Happy birthday! I'm glad you and I work together every day of the week! I look forward to working with you for many birthdays to come.

Client Birthday Wishes: 100 Birthday Messages for Clients

 Happy birthday! We appreciate the chance to work with you and look forward to working together for years to come.

Happy birthday! It's always been a pleasure working with you! We greatly appreciate your business.

We're so fortunate to have a client like you. Happy birthday!

Loyalty, commitment, trust and honestly are merely words but you give them real meaning. Happy birthday! 

May your special day and the days ahead be filled with great success, great health and, most of all, great joy. Happy birthday!

Wishing you the best of birthdays this year. May your home and office be packed with all that you need to enjoy life to the fullest. Happy birthday!

Client Birthday Wishes
Funny -

There's nothing wrong with sending funny client birthday wishes to your customers — as long as they have a sense of humor. Otherwise, you may offend them.

Just make sure that your customer (the intended recipient) has a funny bone before you send any of the funny client birthday wishes below.

Happy birthday! May you live a long life and work until you no longer have any teeth.

This year, put your past behind you, put your future in your own hands and put your present out of your mind, since I put it out of mine. Happy birthday, anyway.

Happy birthday. You're now one more year closer to senior discounts!

Client Birthday Wishes: 100 Birthday Messages for Clients

Hooray, here's to another birthday —with more candles on your cake and less hair on your head!

Every once and awhile, someone with incredible personality, intelligence, charm and looks is born into this world...someone who has the potential to do great things. And, today, that special someone (me) would love to wish you the happiest of birthdays.

Happy birthday. My plan was to share something very, very special for your birthday, but I couldn't mail myself to you.

Happy birthday! Stop worrying about getting older. That occurred many moons ago.

Happy birthday! Welcome to the "Forever 29" Club!

Happy birthday. Remember: If anyone ever calls you old, brain him or her with your dentures and cane.

Client Birthday Wishes: 100 Birthday Messages for Clients

Happy birthday! As your favorite client, I've made sure to remember your birthday, not your age.

Happy birthday. Wishing you another 365 days of an all-expense paid, all-inclusive trip around the sun (and around the world).

Happy, happy birthday. May you have the joy, wonder, excitement and, most of all, energy of a two year old (let's forget about the diapers or toothless smile, at least for awhile).

Happy birthday. Thanks for being a great client and, even more important, remaining older than me.

Happy birthday! May you live long enough to see Amazon offer FREE Shipping on orders to Mars.

Happy birthday. You're not 50. You're only 20 years old, with 30 years of experience.

Client Birthday Wishes: 100 Birthday Messages for Clients

Happy birthday! If you ever feel lost, lonely or unloved, skip a few credit line payments — you'll soon have plenty of company.

Happy "two minutes of extreme embarrassment" when your colleagues decide to surprise you with a round of "Happy Birthday" (just as you're coming out of the bathroom).

At your age, you still remember the day you got the keys to your first car, but cannot remember where you've left your car keys today! Have a wonderful birthday, old fart.

Hints & Tips

Need some advice on writing perfect client birthday wishes? To start on the right foot, check out the hints and tips below.

What's the right way to write client birthday wishes?

What type of client birthday wishes should you write in your customer's birthday card?

Overall, you need to be professional to a certain extent, but you also have to be sincere, striking the perfect balance to write appropriate birthday wishes that make your clients feel special on their big day. 

Writing client birthday wishes is not as simple as it may seem. Even if you write what I call "safe" birthday messages, you may inadvertently offend your customer. So what kind of client birthday wishes should you write?

If your clients expect the personal touch, writing one-size-fits-all client birthday wishes will just seem disingenuous to them. Keep in mind that most clients think they're doing you a favor by giving you business. In turn, many expect some level of gratitude mixed into your client birthday wishes.

To help you write the appropriate choice of words, below are different types of client birthday wishes you should use based on the kind of clients you may have. See a list of the type of clients out there nowadays:

  • The Passive-Aggressive: Write clever, happy or cool client birthday wishes.
  • The Family Friend: Write cute, sentimental or happy client birthday messages.
  • The Under-Valuer: Write happy birthday greetings.
  • The Nit-Picker: Write clever or cool client birthday wishes.
  • The Scornful Saver: Same as above.
  • The “DIYer": Opt for inspirational, funny, cool or clever client birthday wishes.
  • The Control Freak: Take the clever or cool birthday message route.
  • The Dream Client: Go for cute, inspirational, sentimental, funny or happy birthday wishes (any type you want, basically).

The hints and tips above are only suggestions. You know your customers best, so you are the best judge of what's appropriate as client birthday wishes.

Personally, I like client birthday wishes that express a thought that most clients want to hear some (not all) of the time: you are special, not just because you give me business but because you are a great person to work with.

If all else fails, keep this rule of thumb in mind: write client birthday wishes as a concrete, personal (but not too personal) way to express your gratitude for their business.

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