Birthday Wishes for Husband

The best birthday wishes for husbands? Birthday messages for your husband that show him how much he matters to you. He's your BFF and your soulmate, after all.

The right birthday wishes for your husband will make him feel like he's the love of your life, the man of your dreams and your knight in shining armor, for better or worse.

To get you started, below are more than 100 birthday wishes for husbands that you can change, combine or use "as is" to write a birthday message that best expresses what you want to say.


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Birthday Wishes
for Husband

Birthday Wishes
for Husband

What are perfect birthday wishes for husbands? As a husband, I can tell you that the best birthday messages make me feel like I'm not only the man of my wife's dreams, but also the man of her fantasies. I also like to read birthday greetings that express what my wife likes, loves and admires about me.

For some ideas, below are examples of birthday wishes for husbands that I would love to receive from my wife. Feel free to use them as a starting point for your husband's birthday greetings.

There's almost nothing better in life than being married to your best friend. I know because you're my best friend and husband. Happy birthday!

Tender is the morning, noon and night with you. Every day is like an epic F. Scott Fitzgerald romance. Happy birthday, my Great Gatsby!

Everything I planned for your birthday is a little too naughty for a couple of, well, parents! But not for us. We know how to play nice with each other…in our birthday suits. Happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Husband - 100+ Birthday Messages & eCards

Dear, you are a honey bun and vanilla cupcake rolled up into one amazing hubby good enough to eat! Happy birthday!

Hubby, you're like chocolate. Yummy, sweet and completely irresistible! Happy birthday, lover!

You hold the key to my heart and soul. Let’s unlock our love for a night of passion! Happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Husband - 100+ Birthday Messages & eCards

The best part of your birthday is celebrating you, the love of my life. Happy birthday, darling!

Handsome, loving, delicious, smart and hot! You've got what any woman would want and you're mine (lucky me and lucky you). Happy birthday, lover.

Happy birthday to the only man I will ever grow old and achy with!

Birthday Wishes for Husband - 100+ Birthday Messages & eCards

A husband like you is the frosting on the birthday cake of life. Now let’s have some cake and eat it too. Happy birthday, lover boy!

Happy birthday to my one and only love... if you don't count my first husband. Don't worry, everything’s so, so much better the second time around.

“Husband” isn't the only thing I would call you. Most of the time, I would also call you my best friend. Some of the time…well, let’s not go there. Happy birthday, dear.

Birthday Wishes for Husband - 100+ Birthday Messages & eCards

Happy birthday to the world's greatest husband, greatest friend…and greatest lover! Let's make your special day the greatest ever.

I know the best things in life are free but none of them stack up to you (not even close). You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Happy birthday, sweet darling!

Happy birthday to the one true love of my life. My true soul mate.

Birthday Wishes for Husband - 100+ Birthday Messages & eCards

I love you much more than words can ever say. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

I'm so glad I'm married to you. You complete me in a way no other person ever could. Happy birthday.

I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband like you by my side. Happy birthday.

I am so lucky to have an incredibly loving, supportive and fun husband like you. Happy birthday, lover boy!

Every New Year with you is better than the one before. Now I'm in 7th heaven. Happy birthday, lover!

Happy birthday to the funnest, dearest and most caring man I've ever known (and the only man I've ever loved)! 

Birthday Wishes for Husband - 100+ Birthday Messages & eCards

Happy birthday to the best husband who has ever walked this precious earth. Nobody could replace you. They would have really big shoes to fill.

Happy birthday to the most gentle, loving husband, a man who has never asked for anything but deserves the best of everything that this wonderful world has to offer him.

You're still the wonderful man I married. I'm so glad you and I have been together all this time. I celebrate our love every chance I get day after day. Happy birthday, dear.

It’s your birthday, so it’s a date! Hanging out with you is still my favorite thing to do. Happy birthday, lover!

Happy birthday to my partner and my best friend in life. I love and like you so much.

My love for you just gets bigger and bigger every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every year. Basically, all the time! Happy birthday, darling!

Birthday Wishes for Husband - 100+ Birthday Messages & eCards

When I close my eyes, I only see you. You're still the man of my dreams and fantasies. Happy birthday, lover boy!

With you by my side, my life is complete. Without you, it would be so empty. You make every day full. Happy birthday, dearest!

You are the best thing in my life. I love you. The thought of growing old with you fills me with such joy. The best is yet to come, my sweet. Happy birthday!

You know me inside and out...and you still think I’m beautiful. On your special day, I wanted to say something I never get a chance to say ever: You’re a beautiful man…inside and out! Happy birthday!

Your birthday is just another day for me to celebrate you. That’s because I celebrate you every day. I love you madly. Happy birthday!

Honey. Baby. Lover. These are all names I call you. But the best names of all are “husband" and “best friend.” Happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Husband - 100+ Birthday Messages & eCards

I never want to be without you. My life with you is beyond compare. Happy birthday to my forever lover.

I remember when I fell in love with you. Believe it or not, I fall in love with you all over again every day! Happy birthday, my greatest love!

Over time, you've changed from my lovely husband to my new drug of choice. Every day and night, I just get more and more addicted to your love. Happy birthday, lover!

Birthday Wishes
for Husband

What are the best kind of romantic birthday wishes for husbands? Everybody loves to be loved. This is a universal need we all share. The best birthday messages answer this need beautifully.

Whether you're newlyweds or an old, married couple, truly romantic birthday greetings for husbands show that you still adore him, deepening your connection.

Below are examples of birthday wishes for husbands that should set the right mood for his birthday celebration.

You know all my flaws, all my mistakes, all my weaknesses, all my faults and, despite it all, you still think that I'm all you'll ever want. That's what makes you perfect in my eyes. Happy birthday, my dearest! I love you.

Happy birthday to the beautiful man who made my life a song from our very first kiss!

Every day, I fall in love with you all over again. Today, again and again and again. Happy birthday, my love!

Birthday Wishes for Husband - 100+ Birthday Messages & eCards

Even after all these years, I can't wait until you hold me in your arms. Your hugs make me feel so beautiful. Happy birthday to the love of my life!

My love for you is not forever. It's forever and ever (and ever). Happy birthday, my everlasting love.

Every bit of me aches for every bite of you. Happy birthday, my delicious man.

Birthday Wishes for Husband - 100+ Birthday Messages & eCards

I always thought soulmates belonged only to Harlequin romance novels, until I became yours and you became mine. Happy birthday, beautiful man!

Happy birthday to the loveliest man I know! I fell in love with your infectious smile, laughter and joy for life. I love them even more today.

Happy birthday. Today, my love, it will be like the day we fell in love, the day we found the missing pieces to our souls.

Birthday Wishes for Husband - 100+ Birthday Messages & eCards

You’re my lover, my best friend, my rock, my confidant, my everything. Happy birthday, my dearest!

My darling, I love you, I love you, I love you, I can't enough of you. My love for you is as boundless as the sky.

Happy birthday to my soulmate. You touch me where nobody has ever touched me. Deeply. Honestly. Completely.

Happy birthday, sweetheart! I can still remember the moment I fell in love with you. It's easy. I fall in love with you every day.

I love you madly, deeply, completely. Happy birthday, my everything!

Every time I see your face, I light up. I glow. Because my heart is all ablaze with love. For you. Happy birthday. I love you.

Birthday Wishes for Husband - 100+ Birthday Messages & eCards

You make my heart beat to the silliest love song and my soul jump to the greatest joy. I love you. Happy birthday, my heart and soul.

I think about you a million times each day. You’re always in my head and heart. On your birthday, my only thought is to make it the best day of the year for you. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, sweetheart! Your big day is as special as the happiest day of my life, the day I said “I do” and became your partner for life.

You take my breath away a thousand times a day, just by walking beside me. Today, I will make you breathless with passion, desire and love! Happy birthday, my darling husband!

Happy birthday, my lovely husband. Growing old with you fills me with everlasting joy, hope and love.

Today, I will show you just how much you matter to me. I will smother you with all the love in my heart! Happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Husband - 100+ Birthday Messages & eCards

Take our love and multiply by a trillion and it still wouldn't come close to how much I love you. But I will try to show you today, even if it takes every moment. Happy birthday!

I love you deliriously. Happy birthday, my greatest love of all.

I was lost before I met you. Your love led me out of the darkness into the sunshine. Thank you for the light and love you bring to my every day.

Happy birthday. You fill my heart with love. You fill my soul with life. You are love of my life.

Every night, I thank heaven above for the heaven I have on earth. You, my precious love. Happy birthday to my beautiful angel.

Happy birthday. My beloved, you are the love that only exists in fairy tales. On your birthday, I will show you just what I mean, chapter and verse.

Birthday Wishes for Husband - 100+ Birthday Messages & eCards

You are and will always be my greatest love. I'm truly blessed to have you as my soulmate. You are my better half. Happy birthday, my darling.

Happy birthday to the man I love you more than life itself. You are more than the love of my life. You are my heart and soul for life.

Happy birthday. I cherish every moment I spend with you. You lift and light up my morning, noon and night with your crazy love and passion.

Birthday Wishes
for Husband

When is the best time to send short birthday wishes for husbands? Always, as long as your birthday message is short and sweet, not just short. For inspiration, take a look at the examples of birthday greetings below:

Happy birthday to the handsomest man ever.

The best part of every day are the moments we spend together. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to my partner for life.

Birthday Wishes for Husband - 100+ Birthday Messages & eCards

Happy birthday to my favorite man in the world.

Happy birthday! There isn’t a gift big enough to contain all the love I have for you.

Happy birthday! Let’s celebrate like it's our first date all over again.

Birthday Wishes for Husband - 100+ Birthday Messages & eCards

If our life together was a movie, it would be a blockbuster. Happy birthday, my leading man.

In this life, you are my everything. I love you. Happy birthday!

Wishing you a birthday as incredible as you are to me.

Happy birthday to the sweetest man alive. Thanks for making life so sweet.

Happy birthday. We have everything we'll ever need. Each other.

Happy birthday to the world's only perfect husband!

Birthday Wishes for Husband - 100+ Birthday Messages & eCards

You’re more than my husband. You're my amazing husband. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! I deserve the best. I deserve you.

Happy birthday! I cannot fathom a life without you. I'm blessed!

Happy birthday to my incredibly wonderful husband, the man of my dreams, my knight in shining armor.

Happy birthday! Today is all about you, darling. Let's make it epic, like you.

Happy birthday! In my book, you'll always be the handsome, brave hero.

Birthday Wishes for Husband - 100+ Birthday Messages & eCards

Happy birthday! In my heart, you’ll always be young and beautiful.

Happy birthday! Wherever life takes us, it will be an adventure, as long as you're there for the ride.

Happy birthday! It's not fun to be married to you. It's amazing!

Birthday Wishes
for Husband

The best birthday wishes for husbands who are middle-aged? If your husband is turning 40, 50 or 60 and headed toward a mid-life crisis, poke fun at his age but tread very softly. He's likely a bit touchy about getting older.

Great birthday wishes for husbands always strike the right balance. My advice? Read the examples below before you even start to write birthday greetings for your husband: 

Happy birthday, dear! May you be blessed with only joy and wonder on your special day!

You look great, so you can definitely have your birthday cake, eat it and go for seconds. Happy birthday!

Let's really paint the town every shade of red on your special day. You deserve whatever you want! Happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Husband - 100+ Birthday Messages & eCards

It should be a crime that you look so good. Happy birthday!

Let's make sure you get everything you ask for — and more — on your birthday!

Your special day is here at last and I have the perfect recipe for a partylicious birthday — fun, fun, fun and more fun!

This year, I hope your birthday brings you more wisdom, joy, success and even wrinkles. You look too young for your age!

You've paid your dues! It’s time to live it up. Not a little, a lot. Happy birthday!

Wishing you a sweeter-than-ever birthday, filled with cake, cupcakes, ice cream, cake, cupcakes, ice cream, cake…!

Birthday Wishes for Husband - 100+ Birthday Messages & eCards

Your special day comes around only once a year, so get ready for birthday bumps, best wishes and beautiful memories. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! We should be very naughty on your special day. We should eat as much as we want, stuffing ourselves silly with diet-be-damned birthday cake until we burst.

Happy birthday to my very own George Clooney. Well, almost! 

Birthday Wishes
for Husband

When is the best time to use funny birthday wishes for husbands? During the tougher times in your marriage, birthday greetings with a little bit of humor can go a long way toward making everything much easier and more enjoyable.

Below are examples of funny birthday wishes for husbands that will bring a very big smile to your hubby's face on his big day:

You irritate me to no end. You're always in the way. You drive me crazy morning, noon and night. At least you're always there for me. Happy birthday, honey.

Happy birthday, darling. You may look older but at least you have me, your beautiful wife, to distract everyone.

Happy birthday, hubby! We're one brave and nutty couple. You were brave enough ask for my hand in marriage and I was nutty enough to say “Yes” to you.

Birthday Wishes for Husband - 100+ Birthday Messages & eCard

Happy birthday, hubby! If I had a magic wand, I would make you and me young lovers again. No, scratch that! I would make me younger and you richer.

Happy birthday, dearest! I love you more today than yesterday but not as much as chocolate.

Happy birthday to my husband, BFF, soulmate, confidant, coach, chauffeur, stylist, yes-man, valet, bellboy, porter and worse one-third (I'm the better two-thirds).

Birthday Wishes for Husband - 100+ Birthday Messages & eCard

Happy birthday, my dear! Wishing you a birthday that exceeds every expectation you really shouldn't have at your age.

Happy birthday, honey bunch. I love you like I love my chocolate: sweet, addictive and rich.

Ask anyone: I'm still the best thing that has ever happened to you. Happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Husband - 100+ Birthday Messages & eCard

You make me laugh until I pee and cry until my nose runs. For some people, that may sound like old age. To me, it sounds like true joy, love and, well, old age.

Happy birthday, my little peanut butter cup. I'm still a little nuts about you.

Happy birthday! On your big day, I always remember the golden rule: treat your spouse like you would treat yourself on your birthday. That's why you should really treat me like a queen on your birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Husband - 100+ Birthday Messages & eCard

Happy birthday, my dear! I love that you're always there for me, right by my side. This way, I can keep you out of trouble when you get those stupid ideas in your head.

Happy birthday, darling! You’re the best husband a person could ever ask for. You're handsome, smart, charming and funny. If you had more hair, you'd be perfect. 

Happy birthday! Time to celebrate all night! Or nap all day.


Birthday Wishes
for Husband

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What's the best way to say "Happy Birthday" to your husband?

Birthday wishes for husbands, for the most part, should be romantic. That's practically a given. But romantic birthday messages for husbands come in many shapes and sizes — just like husbands, I guess. 

How romantic should your husband's birthday wishes be? In my opinion, the level of romance in your birthday greeting depends mostly on two major factors. 

First, you should consider your feelings for him. Are they very intense? If so, you should be very intense in the romance department with the birthday wishes you write for him — even erotic (if you're comfortable with it).

If you love your husband deeply but you're not crazy in "romantic" love with him (in other words, you've been married for a long time), tone down the romance slightly. This is the perfect time to choose a message with all the ways you appreciate him in a romantic and sentimental sense.

If being romantic does not come naturally to you at all, it's okay to write the kind of birthday wishes for husbands that simply say "happy birthday," "I love you," and "we'll be together forever." Those heartfelt words should be enough to make your husband feel special on his birthday.

Another important factor, of course, is your husband's personality. Consider what type of reaction he might have to the romantic nature of your birthday wishes for him. In fact, if he's not so romantically inclined, apply the rules of thumb I mentioned above. If he has the potential to be Romeo to your Juliet, be as romantic as you can be. Don't be shy. The greatest birthday wishes for husbands are very, very, very passionate.

No matter how romantic you choose to be with your birthday wishes, be sure that every word of your birthday message is sincere and leaves him feeling fantastic.

Get started with one of the unique birthday wishes for husbands on this page — you can always change them to your liking.


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