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Your 50th birthday wishes should be as amazing as this milestone birthday.

50 is too big a birthday to play down with an ordinary card, eCard or text. Don't worry, I got you covered.

On this page, you have a wide choice of greetings for your loved ones — all awesome, all nifty-fifty, all original, all writer-approved and all mistake-free. 

In other words, right below are perfect birthday verses worthy of your favorite 50 year old! If you need some assistance with finding the ideal 50th birthday greetings, be sure to check out Message Guy Tip #37 right below — before you start your search. 

Message Guy Tip #37:
How to choose 50th birthday wishes

50th Birthday Wishes - Birthday Messages for 50 Year Olds

50 is one of the milestone birthdays we celebrate big. Figuring out what message to send can be difficult. Should it be something philosophical? Inspirational? Funny? It depends a little bit on what you want to say. Mostly, though, it depends on the personality of the birthday boy or girl.

Go the funny route with people who can laugh at themselves. Take the serious path with those who can't. Whatever you choose to do, have fun.

Happy 50th birthday! I wish you a wonderfully happy day and an even more incredible year as the world's sexiest 50 year old.

Bravo on turning 50! May today and the years ahead be filled with the very happiest of memories and gifts. Happy 50th birthday!

Happy 50th birthday to someone who's not nifty at 50 (I would say you're the niftiest).

50th Birthday Wishes - Birthday Messages for 50 Year Olds
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Happy birthday to someone who's been fabulous at every age and is now more fabulous than ever at fifty.

Happy birthday to the coolest (and youngest at heart) 50 year old I know.

Happy 50th birthday. Now that you've blown out all 50 birthday candles on your cake, you've proven, once and for all, you are truly young at heart (or you have what I call "lungevity").

50th Birthday Wishes - Birthday Messages for 50 Year Olds
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Happy 50th birthday! May the next 50 years of your amazing life be even more amazing than the first 50.

Happy 50th birthday! At your age, you've earned the right (and money) to truly appreciate the finer things that life has to offer. Enjoy!

Happy 50th birthday! The world is so much more beautiful, all because you've made it a truly wonderful place to live for the past 50 years. I can't wait to see how special you make everything the next five decades.

50th Birthday Wishes - Birthday Messages for 50 Year Olds
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Wishing you the very happiest of returns on your 50th birthday!

Happy birthday to someone who's niftier at 50 than any person has the right to be.

Happy birthday to someone who’s more fabulous at 50 than ever.

50th Birthday Wishes - Birthday Messages for 50 Year Olds
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Happy birthday to someone who's 50 in body and ageless in mind.

When you turn the absolutely fab 5-0, it's time to just go with the flow (if you still can). Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! May the next 50 years of your life be as fabulous as the first 50.

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You're not only nifty at 50 — you're a spiffy, gritty, thrifty, lofty and, when no one's around, frisky 50 year old. Happy 50th birthday!

Happy 50th birthday just doesn't say enough. "Happy 50th-half century-my back aches-I’m just starting to enjoy life-you look so good-I wish I was you-birthday" is more like it. 

At 50, you can still do what any 20 year old can do:  fall in love, dance all night, play every sport, eat and drink like a king and that f-word we all know but hardly ever say in public (you know, fart). Happy 50th birthday!

At 50, you're not old. You're worn-out, impatient, jaded, set in your ways and weathered... but you're not old. Happy 50th birthday!

Time is even more of the essence when you turn 50. Make every minute count. Spend every waking moment chasing after your dreams—you know, the kind you have when you nap.

Everything good comes to those who turn 50. Good food. Good wine. Good friends. Good love. Happy 50th birthday!

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50th Birthday Wishes - Birthday Messages for 50 Year Olds
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Hey, you're 50, so it's time to start tooting your own horn! Just because you're a half century old doesn't mean you can't have a little sax in your life! Happy 50th birthday!

50th Birthday Wishes - Birthday Messages for 50 Year Olds
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When you blow out the 50 candles on your birthday cake, take a deep breath, stay calm and keep your toupee on. Happy 50th birthday!

Remember, you're a half century old today, not a century. You may sometimes feel like 100 but you're 50 and more fabulous than ever. Happy 50th birthday!

You may be 50 years of age but you're still younger at heart than many people younger in calendar years. May you stay forever young the next 50 years. Happy birthday!

Top of 50th Birthday Wishes

 Birthday Gifts

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I've put all the Amazon links you'll ever need in one place — right below — so you don't have to spend hours online searching for the perfect gifts, cards or party supplies. Choosing something great for a 50-year-old birthday boy or girl has never been so easy.


You're finally 50, a half century old. Play it up. Bask in your awesomeness, your achievements, your beauty, your uniqueness. It's your moment in the sun. Happy 50th birthday!

It’s easy to drink from the fountain of youth when you're young. It’s hard when you're 50 but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take a sip every once and awhile. Drink up! Have an amazing 50th birthday!

Happy 50th birthday! A half century has come and gone…and you’re still around! That’s already quite a legacy. The next half century, may you be a legend in your own time — or at least in your own backyard.

50th Birthday Wishes - Birthday Messages for 50 Year Olds
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Personalizing the 50th birthday wishes (right above) for your husband or wife is easier than you think! Want to know how? Read more ►

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